Dogs Needing Homes


All of the dogs you see below are neutered, vaccinated or would have at least been given a 1st vaccination depending on the length of time they have been in the care of adopt a dog and the treatments they may be receiving meaning vaccination may be delayed, a non transferable microchip in the name of the rescue, insured, de flead and wormed before they go to their new home,  a set donation fee of £150 is applied and is required upon completion of adoption, we do give adoption discounts where we place a dog into the care of an elderly adopter (please ask).
 (where 2 dogs are re-homed together )into the same household the adoption fee is not doubled! (please ask for further information) where you are looking to offer a home to more than one dog!

Please see (Re-homing policy page) for further details.


NB  Please note we now require that all adopters purchase an Adopt-A-DogNortheast I.D tag in addition to your donation fee at a cost of £6.99, We require that upon being informed of your successful adoption that you order your dogs tag before collecting your adopted dog (if we have arranged to drop your dog to your home at time of a home visit then your tag will have to be pre ordered before hand).
 It is a legal requirement that if lost your dog is identifiable and therefor swiftly reunited with you by it's identification information when it leaves rescue and it also helps raise an extra amount of small funds for adopt-a-dog as well as promoting our rescue by proudly wearing or custom designed adopt-a-dog tags in order to support our rescue.
Please use the paypal option on the main page and add your most used tel number.

Age: 7 months
Sex: Male
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Colour: Red and White

ABOUT DEXTER: Dexter is a typical puppy, he is sociable and is used to and loved the company of other dogs, he needs a time giving home to offer moderate exercise and stimulation to this young boy.

Breed: collie x greyhound (lurcher type)
Age:18 months

ABOUT TAZ: Taz was found injured and abandoned and very under weight, he has since recovered well and socialised well in rescue and proved to be a lovely friendly boy, Taz would be an ideal companion dog and would suit a home that can give moderate exercise.
Can you offer this lovely young man the new start he needs in life? please see out contact page.


Breed: Rottweiler (long coated)
Age: 6yrs
Sex: Male
Colour: Black and Tan
ABOUT CODY: Cody is a quiet boy in the home and it takes time for him to trust new people as he has been in the same home since her was a puppy but like any Rottweiler given the time he bonds well with his humans and walks well on his lead, he is accepting of calm dogs but would ideally love a home where he is the only dog or with a large breed older calm bitch. Cody is not getting his walks or family time due to his owner working away long periods and him having to be cared for by family, meaning he is spending more time outdoors when he is used to his home comforts, we are looking to assist his rehome and would lie to see this boy in an experienced quiet household, prefer someone used to the breed or large breeds.
If you could offer this handsome boy the quiet life with moderate walks please get in contact.


Breed: Jack Russell
Age: 4yrs
Sex: Male
Colour Tan/black and white

ABOUT BOBBY: Bobby is a typical happy go lucky little terrier, he is sociable and likes to play with the other resident rescue dogs and he has lived with small children. He would make an ideal companion to a variety of households but will need moderate exercise, he is good in the house and is a very faithful and lovely natured little dog.
Can you offer little Bobby his forever home?


Breed: Rottweiler
Age: 13 months
Sex: Male
Colour: Black and tan

ABOUT KAIZER: Kaizer is typical loyal friendly rottie boy, he has lived with other dogs and is being rehomed with the aid of adopt a dog through no fault of his own due  owner relationship break up. Kaizer needs a time giving home where he can keep learning to be a good k9 citizen, any rottie lover would be proud to call this boy their own.
He is at present still is his owners home until such time he needs to come into rescue.

Breed: Jack russell x whippet  RESERVED
Age: 14 months
Sex: Male

ABOUT JACK: Jack has been handed to rescue through no fault of his own as his owner is sadly terminally ill. Jack needs a home that can offer moderate exercise, he is socialising well with the other dogs in the rescue and he is now crate trained s can be left alone without causing any problems or getting up to mischief. Please see contact page to enquire about jack.


Breed: Rottweiler
Age: 6-7yrs
Sex: Female
Colour: Black and tan

ABOUT TARA: Tara is a dinky little rottie girl (tiny for the breed) she was abandoned and finds herself in rescue. She is a super sweet loving girl who craves cuddles and affection, she would thrive as a companion dog in a quiet mature home or an active family home, she would be best suited as an only dogs but could be homed with a large breed male dog. She is good in the home and would even be appreciative of a foster home until her forever home comes along. (her little bandages on her feet are just from her (dew claw removal she is now fully recovered)
Please contact us and we can put you in contact with the rescue TARA is residing with.


Age: 6 yrs
Breed: Whippet x greyhound
Sex: Male
Colour: Black with 4 white socks

Squeezing into a tiny cat bed lol

ABOUT SOX: Sox was handed in covered in tics and ravaged with mage and had been tied up in a small pen where he had nothing to do but pace back and forth, however it has not broken his lovely character as is a lovely natured boy with a playful and very cheeky character, due to past abuse we would love an understanding home for sox, he is sociable with other dogs and has lived with cats at one time, sox is looking for a home to offer him a fireside space or a comfy sofa. Can you offer sox his forever home? he is a very calm laid back boy indoors and likes a good play and run around outside, he would suit a lower energy household and equally could also suit a higher energy family being a breed that loves to run for short bursts and lounge around for fun.
Sox needs an adult home as with everything he has been through he really would like a quiet life.
Please see out contact page for further details.


Breed: Akita
Age: 2 yrs
Colour: Cream/beige/white

ABOUT KYLA: Kyla is a Young female akita looking for a home to call her own. Saved from the pound and now in a foster home with other dogs. She is fun loving and quick to learn. Currently attending dog classes and doing really well. She would be great at agility too.
Please see our contact page to make an enquiry for kyla and we can put you in contact with the rescue KYLA is residing with.