My Little Train

My Little Train Little Train toots along taking all his passengers exactly where they want to go To the pond says the duck To the forest says the monkey To the mountain says the bear But Little Kangaroo doesn t say

  • Title: My Little Train
  • Author: Satomi Ichikawa
  • ISBN: 9780399254536
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Little Train toots along, taking all his passengers exactly where they want to go To the pond says the duck To the forest says the monkey To the mountain says the bear But Little Kangaroo doesn t say a word He wants to go on an adventure with Little Train adventure that leads him up a mountain, off a cliff, and back where he belongs in his mama s pocket ThiLittle Train toots along, taking all his passengers exactly where they want to go To the pond says the duck To the forest says the monkey To the mountain says the bear But Little Kangaroo doesn t say a word He wants to go on an adventure with Little Train adventure that leads him up a mountain, off a cliff, and back where he belongs in his mama s pocket This endearing picture book is perfect for train, toy and adventure lovers everywhere.

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    1. Satomi Ichikawa

      When Satomi Ichikawa decided she would like to illustrate books for children, she visited a bookstore in London and copied down the names and addresses of publishers She then simply walked to the address that seemed the closest, her rough sketches in hand Today, she is known the world over as a celebrated illustrator and accomplished storyteller, and there are than 50 books that bear the Satomi Ichikawa name Born in Japan, Ms Ichikawa traveled to Paris as a young woman and has lived there for over thirty years However, her inspiration comes from all over the world She loves traveling to other countries, where she sketches the countryside and gets to know the people of the villages and cities where she stays But Ms Ichikawa always come back to Paris, where she feels the beauty of everyday life enriches her work The Luxembourg Gardens is one of her favorite places to watch the children, teenagers, parents, and grandparents who gather there to enjoy its beautiful scenery The recipient of several awards for her artwork, Ms Ichikawa is the illustrator of the popular Tanya books and the best selling You Are My I Love You She also has over twenty of her own books for young people, including the Nora series, The First Bear in Africa and My Pig Amarillo.

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    1. My daughter loves this book. She loves repeating the train sounds "whoo whoo" and all the animal (passenger) sounds as well. I would definitely recommend for a toddler.

    2. Toys go on an imaginative train ride through a living room, with stops at a pond (fish bowl), field (landscape painting) and jungle (a potted plant). The mountain (couch) is the final stopbut a small kangaroo is still on board. He enjoys the best adventure of all - and then is taken by train back to his waiting mother. The text is great for reading aloud and the large. soft water color illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to this gentle story of imagination.

    3. Probably 3.5 stars for me. It started out decidedly 3 star, but then I loved how the imaginative "destinations" of the train stops unfolded, and I have a bit of a weakness for cute baby kangaroo stuffed animals ;-) This would be a fun book for kids who like trains, and would make a good read-aloud.

    4. Cute little piece. I appreciate the imagination of whatever child is playing with the train and toys, and it was interesting NOT having the child pictured at the end, as so many books choose to do. This really lets the reader BE the child, and I think that's a powerful thing.

    5. December 2017 - the train obsession continues, and this would be a great one for toddlers or kids just getting into imaginative play with trains. It was a little simple for Ben but he still enjoyed it.

    6. Pretty but very much the same as Margaret Wise Brown's Two Little Trains, except without the fantastical pictures. Has a bit more plot, so rounded up from 2.5. Ages 2-4.

    7. The story is a pretty traditional train story. The passengers are all cute. I like this book a lot as a read-aloud, and my son loved it. The illustrations are also beautiful.

    8. This was a 'twist' on the classic Little Engine that could. A train takes animals to where they want to go and in the end realizes a baby kangaroo was 'hiding out' and so the train goes back along his route to find the kangaroo's 'pouch' which is his Momma waiting for him at the station. What makes this story a really cute one is the illustrations go hand in hand with the story. A toy train with stuffed animals.g in and out of 'tunnels' which is couch cushions etc. A child could pretend play aft [...]

    9. My son loves this book and I can only hope he outgrows it soon! The story is overly repetitious and stilted. The train and animal sounds that should make the story interactive and fun to read aloud just slow the already laborious pacing even more. I like the basic concept of the train's journey through the home, but it can and has been done better elsewhere. Of all my son's books, this is the one I constantly nudge to the back of the bookshelf, hoping he'll pick anything else for his bedtime sto [...]

    10. My five-year-old son picked this book out from the library this week. He and his daddy both like trains. My husband read this book to my son. When he finished, he proclaimed it "terrible". I don't think it is terrible, but I don't think it is especially good either. It is difficult to read this book out loud. It feels awkward and sounds stilted. The illustrations are good, but not great. Actual rating: 2.5 stars, but I round up.

    11. A little train chugs along with toy passengers each in route to a different place (pond for the duck, field for the sheep) in this charming readaloud for a train preschool storytime or just because! I read a comment that the text is awkward and there are a couple of pages that go slightly rough. However, I think that an experienced reader would be fine with the book. intonation and volume of the voice to present this nice material.

    12. We closed in Good-Bye circle with this book, and it was also well-received by Aurora May, Enzo and Owen. This is another of Aurora May's favorites, and apparently Owen knows this book pretty well too! Owen was very engaged and Woo-Woo'ed along with me in the book. Aurora May usually likes to say good-bye to the animals as they get off the train. I personally love with the baby kangaroo makes it back to his mother's pocket in Central Station. I also love that the sofa is a mountain.

    13. Ah, yes the days of imaginative play is depicted here in this train story. I really liked it, but will children relate to this and furthermore will they have time or be allowed to engage in imaginative play.The copy I read was marked Dolly Pardon's Imagination Library which means many preschoolers will be exposed to this one and that's a good thing.

    14. If you have a child who likes trains and wants all of their books to feature trains, this is a very worthwhile addition to your collection. It is also a cute story for those who aren't train die-hards.

    15. Simple, yet dramatic and engaging. Reflects the nature of imaginative play without being too precious. Beautiful watercolors engage adults and children. Chance (age3) loves it. His only comment is that he would like the train's face to be more visable (ala Thomas the Tank Engine).

    16. This book really brings out the imagination of young children. In the book a train is traveling around a kid's bedroom like it is real train tracks. Blankets make tunnels, and other bedroom items create obstacles for the train. My four year old train loving son was all about it!

    17. My 1 year old loves this book! The illustrations are very nice and the story is well written. The best part is making the train noises and listening to my son repeat the sounds while smiling and laughing. This was a great find at our local library.

    18. Great concept, but the stilted prose and old fashioned art make this look like a period piece. For some kids this will be a hit, others will toss it aside for more action packed train books.

    19. I love how imaginative this book is. It is like seeing through the eyes of a child as they play. Loved it. This is my 5-year-old son's new favorite book.

    20. Fun story about toys taking a ride on the toy train. The rhythm and sounds could make this great for storytime.

    21. Love this children's book! Best one yet from the Imagination Library. Great artistry and repeat of words with rhythm amd animal sounds. Very recommended!

    22. I really love this book's illustrations and that it includes a reading guide with questions to ask your child in the back.

    23. My son loves this book. He live the sounds like the sheep goes "ba ba". He loves trains so it perfect for him. Good for creative writing.

    24. This one was just ok for me. I think the kids that like train books will enjoy it, but the pretending elements make it good and bad at the same time.

    25. Mama read this book to me after my nap. I liked the part with the train noises and the "bumps" and other stuff she would act out.

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