The Heiress Bride

The Heiress Bride Sinjun Sherbrooke is bored with the London season until she spies Colin Kinross across a crowded dance floor and offers to be his bride

  • Title: The Heiress Bride
  • Author: Catherine Coulter
  • ISBN: 9781101214145
  • Page: 379
  • Format: ebook
  • Sinjun Sherbrooke is bored with the London season, until she spies Colin Kinross across a crowded dance floor and offers to be his bride.

    • The Heiress Bride - Catherine Coulter
      379 Catherine Coulter
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      Catherine Coulter Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Heiress Bride book, this is one of the most wanted Catherine Coulter author readers around the world.

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    1. I read, or better, I tried to read this book on a dare from my sister. Why, oh why, did she do this to me???"He stiffened above her and drove deep inside her once more.She yelled at the shock and pain of it. She hit him with her fists, shoving against him, trying to throw him off her, but it only sent him deeper and he kept driving, feeling her flesh convulse around him, driving him and pushing him, and he couldn't stop himself. He heard her cries but he didn't slow, he couldn't, and again he cl [...]

    2. I have been on a re-read kick and this is another re-read of Catherine Coulter for me. She has a distinct style: very crude sex scenes, big men who could compete in the world's biggest asshole contest, small women who fight like wild cats if their husbands are threatened, male villains with outrageous hints at their "overly feminine" qualities, rape or at least forced intercourse or rough sex as punishment for females. I have read many of her books in my youth and did not grow up to think it's o [...]

    3. D N FI made it to fifty percent, and let me tell you - that was one hell of a struggle.This book was originally intended to close Catherine Coulter's Brides Series. The first three novels (in what later became a much longer series) featured a set of siblings, each with their own happily-ever-after. To be honest, I had some problems with the first two books. I thought the heroines took too much, the heroes dished out too much, and the resolutions were poorly crafted. I probably shouldn't have eve [...]

    4. Re-reading. I did not like the beginning and the way Colin treated Sinjun. Sinjun, as in the two previous books, was a treat! She never gave up on the fool and cleverly shows him the error of his ways. Alex and Sophie from the two previous books, as well as Douglas and Ryder, their respective husbands, were a welcome addition. Ah, yes, having read this book many years ago, my reading palate has changed.

    5. What can i say about this novel? That it infuriated me to the point of wanting to hit the hero in the head and punch the heroine? While i do understand the reviews about the hero being a jerk and a possible rapist, i don't understand the liking on the heroine. Jesus, what a spoiled, idiot , too stupid to live brat she was. I don't care about this kind of female carachters. Doing stupid things,lying and putting themselves and other people in danger, not listening to common sense and all this beca [...]

    6. For a time back in the 80’s & 90’s, my reading material of choice was frequently bodice rippers, historical fiction, and regency romances with a few contemporary best sellers thrown in for good measure. Most of them were pretty steamy (blush) &/or overly romantic, but I read them during a time in my life when I found myself as a single parent, and these books fit the bill. I found them to be highly entertaining. I recently donated a slew of them, but I wanted to catalog them all the [...]

    7. "Read" the Audio CD version. Enjoyed this a damn sight more than "The Hellion Bride," which had me wanting to kill Sophie and Ryder, both of them, less than a third of the way in. After having read (or listened to) a number of other books where our heroine is a side character, and/or a young'un, hearing her story as an adult was a lot of fun. (And I say again, what IS it with Sherbrooke and Sherbrooke-associated males abjectly bungling their wedding nights?)Listening to the book in Audio format [...]

    8. I have a lot of feelings: ilayreading/2016/08/08/theThis is apparently the continuation of a three part series. Definitely won’t be going back to find the others–I can only imagine what happens in those. Quick check to my TBR to make sure I don’t have anything else by this author. Hello, rape is not sexy, empowering, or loving.

    9. I couldn't finish this book. I found Colin Earl of Kinross a deceitful liar. Read this book back in 2003 and didn't mind it but got to chapter 7 and couldn't go on. He failed to tell Sinjun that he has two kids!

    10. This was pretty bad, to be honest. Lots of rape-y scenes. Lots of idiocy passed off as period authenticity and precociousness. I definitely wasn't a fan.

    11. baca novel ini aq ngakak abis2an dengan tingkah2 para kakak beradik sherbrooke termasuk pasangan2 merekavel ini dari skala 1 - 10 kukasih 9.8 dehbuku ke 3 ini bercerita ttg Joan Sherbrooke or yang lebih dikenal dengan nama sinjunia sinjun sudah menginjak usia untuk menikahng ibu sudah ngomel2 mendorongnya untuk bersikap lebih baik & harus menikah season ini tp douglas melarang sinjun buru2 menentukan pilihanuglas ingin sinjun mendapatkan pasangan yg baik spt juga dia mempunya istri alex.diaw [...]

    12. Oh, perfect, this time not only the hero (?) has no morals,neither does the heroine! The things I liked about this book were the funny parts with Sinjun's insane family, and how her odd husband insists on calling her Joan Otherwise this was kind of epic fail, and I don't recommend it to anyone,because it is a bad book. It has bad language,immoral people, rapists, illicit relations, and bad examples of marriage. It needed too much editing to make it worth finishing.

    13. Coulter does an excellent job of developing her characters. I enjoy her female characters immensely! They are spunky and independent. In the 3 Sherbrooke books that I've read, the male characters are autocratic, cranky, and prideful. The fact that they are loved so deeply by their respective wives is incredible. This book had good action, and the plot develops at a good pace. The villain of this story is a surprise. I enjoyed it all.

    14. Abbandonato al 3° capitolo.Sarà il caldo che mi rende insofferente e antipatica, ma non mi sento proprio in vena di trame scontate quanto inverosimili e dialoghi talmente idioti da far cadere le braccia.Il tempo è poco e i romanzi interessanti da leggere troppi: inutile perseverare.

    15. A good ending to this trilogy, not as good as 2nd book, but it tied all three books up. Regency is nit my genre, so if you love Regency then you would probably enjoy more than I did.

    16. By Catherine Coulter. Brides #3. Grade: D.Dear Reader:Welcome to the exciting conclusion of the English Regency Bride Trilogy, The Heiress Bride.You met Sinjun Sherbrooke in the The Sherbrooke Bride and in The Hellion Bride, a delightful, quite endearing fifteen-year-old who, I hope, charmed your socks off.Now she’s nineteen, blessed with Sherbrooke blue eyes, wit to burn, and a wonderful sense of humor. She is also bored with the London Season until she spies Colin Kinross, the Scottish earl [...]

    17. I did really like this book, but I agree with the hero, Colin, I do not like the heroine's name, Sinjun. It was a childhood nickname and it is a silly name for a grown woman. Sorry, I had to vent. to the review. Catherine Coulter is a seasoned author. You can tell when you read any of her books. I recommend them all. Her characters are well-developed. Her stories are interesting and complex enough to keep you wanting more without being tedious and boring you to death. The Heiress Bride was no ex [...]

    18. Ugh. Heroine's character had many pleasing, fun, fresh parts to her (hence not just 1 star) and others that made me cringe. I never EVER liked the hero. I would have shot him, after punching him senseless. The rape scene, mentioned many times, was bad. Bad writing, bad scene, bad vibe. I didn't much like the first book. Liked Sinjin so very much more, but hated Colin more than Douglas, who was a jerk all by himself. Never again for this author in this genre.I actually loved Backfire (FBI Thrille [...]

    19. When hellion Sinjun Sherbrooke sets eyes on Colin Kinross, she decides she must have him. Luckily for her, Colin is in desperate need of a heiress to repair his lands, almost destroyed by his wasteful brother and father.This was like a Julie Garwood novel gone horribly wrong. Sinjun is an energetic and fun character, but instead of a charming hero, who is exasperated but secretly amused, we get an asshole like Colin who is determined to beat her into submission (not literally, but it's not too f [...]

    20. Sinjun sa zamiluje na prvý pohľad. Jej láska je obrovská, čo dokazuje mnohými skutkami počas celej knihy. Colin jej spočiatku lásku neopätuje, nakoniec však podľahne Sinjuninmu čaru a zamiluje sa - aj keď čitateľ tomu len ťažko uverí. Aspoň ja som mu lásku k "bohatej" neveste neuverila ani trochu. Po prvé: bol vo svadobnú noc stále nadržaný a k panenskej neveste neurvalý a po druhé: bol stále preč :-( A kým som sa v predchádzajúcich dvoch dielach série o Sherbro [...]

    21. Well, I always liked Sinjun. I'm glad she got her HEA. I think I liked her husband even more because of how his friends called him Ash. (And this is such a dear name to me because of this story -- A Hit A Very Palpable Hit) Even if she never did. She called him Colin, and I'm pretty sure that that's how Alex called her mare in the first book :) Well, anyway. I like her books cause they are so funny. I couldn't stop giggling like a little girl half of the time. I guess other stuff is pretty much [...]

    22. After having read the first two in this series, I felt compelled to keep reading on. I loved the heroine at the beginning, and in the other books. It seemed as though halfway through the story, her personality changed, and she went from being a brave heiress, to a scared school girl. Thankfully this didn't last, and near the end of the book, she was herself again. Didn't care much for the plot, and there were not a lot of steamy scenes until near the end. In fact, in most of the love scenes in t [...]

    23. I love the character Sinjun, but I found this book a little disappointing. I just really had a problem with Colin; I just didn't like him that much. A lot of historical fantasy heroes are similar, and maybe it's a good thing to be a little unique, but I'd rather have the formula guy back. Most of the side characters were nasty individuals and the oaf basically left Sinjun on her own in a strange country with these weirdos and blamed her when things weren't right when he deigned to come home. I m [...]

    24. Occasionally, I will read a romance title as a break from more serious reading and Catherine Couler is always a reliable choice. This book is part of the Sherbrooke family series and involves the marriage of the youngest daughter. The book is primarily set in Scotland and where the new bride faces the task of making her spouse a suitable husband and getting him to fall in love with her. The female character are well drawn but the male characters seem a bit cookie cutter. The book features a run [...]

    25. beware of a quite brutal rape scene here. I love Sinjun's character and although the rape was quite brutal in my opinion it didn't,bother me as much,as the former book. Mostly I liked the way the heroine handled it and although she was really,hurt it didn't defeat her at all. Now that I think about it I don't really remember an actual secual rape in book 2. I think it was the Sophie's character rape that bothered me most of all in that book. Which,i should try to explain in that review, not here [...]

    26. This was actually an audio-book that was loaned to me. Regular romance is not my normal fare, but I enjoyed this book, which is the first book of a series of apx 6 books. Ms. Coulter made the characters believable and relatable. This is a historical romance set in the 1800'sShe includes romance, mystery and intrigue in the first 3 books of this series (I am currently listening to the 3rd book now). I would recommend the books to romance readers.

    27. you have to read it for ya self but I loved it! It's a lot of surprises and it has yo ready to turn the page just all around a very good BOOK! it was published in 1993 but i didn't get to read it until about 5 years AGO AND i re read it because its one of my favss a English Regency Bride Trilogy and i have them all and it only gets better with each new used book yup used i got it from Goodwill and they had the whole Trilogy, its true another's trash became my treasure!

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