The New Avengers, Volume 1

The New Avengers Volume Find out who the New Avengers are where they call home gotta see it to believe it which Dark Avenger has joined their ranks and just who the interdimensional demonic threat to our existence is The

  • Title: The New Avengers, Volume 1
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Stuart Immonen
  • ISBN: 9780785148722
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Find out who the New Avengers are, where they call home gotta see it to believe it , which Dark Avenger has joined their ranks, and just who the interdimensional demonic threat to our existence is These heroes have gathered to take on the threats too dark, too dangerous, and too bizarre for any other team of heroes The New Avengers are back Collecting The New AvengersFind out who the New Avengers are, where they call home gotta see it to believe it , which Dark Avenger has joined their ranks, and just who the interdimensional demonic threat to our existence is These heroes have gathered to take on the threats too dark, too dangerous, and too bizarre for any other team of heroes The New Avengers are back Collecting The New Avengers 1 6

    • The New Avengers, Volume 1 By Brian Michael Bendis Stuart Immonen
      232 Brian Michael Bendis Stuart Immonen
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    1. Brian Michael Bendis Stuart Immonen

      A comic book writer and erstwhile artist He has won critical acclaim including five Eisner Awards and is one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics For over eight years Bendis s books have consistently sat in the top five best sellers on the nationwide comic and graphic novel sales charts.Though he started as a writer and artist of independent noir fiction series, he shot to stardom as a writer of Marvel Comics superhero books, particularly Ultimate Spider Man.Bendis first entered the comic world with the Jinx line of crime comics in 1995 This line has spawned the graphic novels Goldfish, Fire, Jinx, Torso with Marc Andreyko , and Total Sell Out Bendis is writing the film version of Jinx for Universal Pictures with Oscar winner Charlize Theron attached to star and produce.Bendis s other projects include the Harvey, Eisner, and Eagle Award nominated Powers with Michael Avon Oeming originally from Image Comics, now published by Marvel s new creator owned imprint Icon Comics, and the Hollywood tell all Fortune and Glory from Oni Press, both of which received an A from Entertainment Weekly.Bendis is one of the premiere architects of Marvel s Ultimate line comics specifically created for the new generation of comic readers He has written every issue of Ultimate Spider Man since its best selling launch, and has also written for Ultimate Fantastic Four and Ultimate X Men, as well as every issue of Ultimate Marvel Team Up, Ultimate Origin and Ultimate Six.Brian is currently helming a renaissance for Marvel s AVENGERS franchise by writing both New Avengers and Mighty Avengers along with the successful event projects House Of M, Secret War, and this summer s Secret Invasion.He has also previously done work on Daredevil, Alias, and The Pulse.

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    1. When Tony Stark a/k/a Iron Man was acting like a total dick and appointed himself king of the super heroes, Luke Cage and others that had been part of the New Avengers went underground and fought back. Now that Marvel’s Civil War and the aftermath has finally ended and the so-called Heroic Age has begun, Steve Rogers wants Luke to continue leading a team of Avengers. Setting up shop in a rebuilt Avengers mansions that Stark sells to them for a dollar, Luke’s new team doesn’t even get throu [...]

    2. Ok, so at first I thought several people were reviewing the wrong book, but it turns out that has two different volumes listed under the same editiond .The first is pre-Civil War (which is the one I read), the second is post Civil War (which is the one I wanted to read). So, this explains why the reviews don't match up.Naturally, I'll be reviewing the edition I read.I'm pretty sure I've already read all of the stories in this rather large volume, the exception being the crossover story with the [...]

    3. Love the fun, fantastically unusual storyline and unexpected twists that come from the superteam of Bendis and Immomen. Interesting team dynamic, but really it's still just: Spider-man (Bendis' favourite character, and the one he knows an writes the best), Luke and Jessica (the married parents dynamic continues to feel fresh and hilarious), the fall and remorse of Stephen Strange (Bendis is doing meisterwork with this one) and the fascination I continue to have with Victoria Hand (another of Ben [...]

    4. Oh how I wish we had half stars! This is rated 4 stars and I've rated other graphic novels that high that are much more to my taste than this one. The thing abut graphic novels/comic books is that those of us who read them will have our favorite characters and story lines. So here we have a fine book but one not really as appealing to me as some others.Here we pick up a story line about an array of Avengers taking up that title and the mantel of protectors of the Earth and surrounding universe. [...]

    5. Brian Michael Bendis wrote Avengers comics for almost a decade. In fact, his work is directly responsible for the Avengers movies everyone's been enjoying. And there's a reason why Joss Whedon ended up directing the centerpiece, because Bendis is the Whedon of comics.Okay, so technically, every now and again, Whedon is himself the Whedon of comics, but as far as career dedication goes, you know what I mean.This particular volume, even though it has that "Volume 1" in the title, is not the actual [...]

    6. Wait, what OK, I'll bite. Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, the Thing, Mz oh excuse me, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Hellstromm, and Wolverine (obviously) are the Avengers now? Sounds more like a Defenders roster to me.Not the Avengers I remembered, but this one gets a pass as the story was fun and the art was pretty nice and I actually 'know' all the characters. Pretty much what a team comic-book is supposed to look like with practically non-stop action from start to finish, and hey, a prett [...]

    7. I'd never really read Avengers before the movie, so now I have to fix that. So these aren't exactly THE Avengers, they're the other Avengers, with some overlap. (Seriously, does Wolverine even sleep?) The team strikes me as being an odd combination, but I'm at least passingly familiar with the characters. Except Mockingbird, but she didn't leave much of an impression on me anyways. This particular storyline is heavily mystical. The writing was solid, and I loved how the characters interacted. An [...]

    8. For everything I heard about this being a "street-level" team, this volume is really cosmic. I really liked Damian Hellstrom in this characterization.I am a little confused by some Jessica Jones/ Bendis continuity. I just read Jessica Jones, Vol. 1: Uncaged! and a major plot point is that Luke would never think that JJ would leave their daughter with her mother. Now in this book, in an earlier place in the timeline, Luke himself suggests JJ takes the kid to her mom and it happens without any dis [...]

    9. Excelente comienzo para la serie. Me encanta el toque místico que le dan los personajes como Dr. Strange y Dr. Voodoo, estoy muy antojado del siguiente volúmen!

    10. Post-Siege, the New Avengers were freed of the “outlaw heroes” concept they’d labored under for the better part of three years. The re-launched New Avengers was more of a club of heroes based in the rebuilt Avengers Mansion, with several full- and part-time members. Led by Luke Cage, other regulars included Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Jessica Jones and new recruit The Thing (when he wasn’t busy with the Fantastic Four). Steve Rogers riled th [...]

    11. Brian Michael Bendis - authorStuart Immonen - illustrator4/5 starsThe Avengers are reformed by Steve Rogers after the events of Siege, but there is such a need for super-heroing that two teams of Avengers are needed to protect the United States. Hence, Steve forms a secondary team called the New Avengers (kind of like the Avengers West Coast for the 21st century). The New Avengers are comprised of Luke Cage (AKA Power Man), The Thing, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, and Iron Fist. As the New [...]

    12. Awesome fun! Bendis and Immonen make Magic! Heh heh heh.I'll be honest at first I found Immonen's "perfect" illustration a little cold and sterile, and I was concerned that he was the wrong choice for such a Magical storyline as this one, well, as the story went on, the excellence of it all just shut my inner critic right up.Well, almost, I do wonder about having Spider-man (a professed loner) on TWO Avengers teams almost as much as I question Wolverine (professed and obsessed loner) ALSO on TW [...]

    13. Bendis knows how to write an ensemble cast better than any other current comic writer, and he is perfectly complemented by Stuart Immonen's clean, precise and still dynamic artwork. Superheroics and magic have always been entwined, but outside of Dr. Strange's solo books and the occasional crossover, it often felt forced and made little sense. Bendis manages to take the interdimensional threats of the long mentioned Vishanti, and turns them into a credible villain. What I didn't like was that Be [...]

    14. Brian Michael Bendis gets superhero humor. Wolverine and Spider-Man have some great moments in this book, and I respect the fact that Bendis can write superhero jokes without having them sound stupid. I also love anything to do with Doctor Strange and his weird shit. This was a decent piece of comic book storytelling, and it's nice to take a deep swig of the Marvel universe every now and again.

    15. Neither the best, nor the worst Bendis' story ever.At last now I finally know were Iron Fist white suit come from. :D

    16. Focused too much on Dr. Strange and was a bit predictable, but Hulk made an appearance so it made up for the bad parts.

    17. 4.5/5THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!To get the bad out of the way first so I can then focus on the positive elements of the review,I'll start off by saying that the plot did feel a little bit all over the place around the middle of the book,but otherwise it was pretty solid.The artwork and the story were A+++ and AH,WHAT A CAST OF CHARACTERS!!!!I feel like it can be pretty hard to keep such iconic heroes like some of the ones in this comic in character and feeling authentic to past representations,but the [...]

    18. I still can't get my head round this one. Sure, it sets up the Other Avengers. Sure it brings Hand into play, but still the attempts at merging Strange into the "real" world falls flat.You can fell it shifting under your hands as you read Vol 1, the "normal" stuff of our heroes being heroes flows, it's fun, it's clearly a joy to write and draw.But the spiritual plane? Strange and his cohorts doing their thing? It feels awkward, leaden, out of place - as if Bendis and Immonen aren't really sure h [...]

    19. Collects New Avengers (2010) #1-6The Dark Reign is over, and the Superhuman Registration Act has been revoked. The New Avengers are able to operate in the public eye again, and their first opponent is a mystical force that draws the Sorcerer Supreme into the mix. This was not Bendis' best work with the Avengers, and I'm surprised that this is where he decided to start this new chapter of their time as a team. Final rating - 2.5 stars

    20. It was a great start to a new Avengers series. The build up was a little rocky but it got its groove as it went along.

    21. Although Bendis has a tendency to write comics sometimes as though he is writing a sitcom, he does turn out some mightily entertaining comics. This collection was great fun, with neither the characters or the readers able to catch their breath as the Avengers fight off an inter dimensional invasion by Agamotto, who wants his eye back ( Dr Strange fans will know all about this).Light in tone, some very funny dialogue, and a decent storyline all add up to a worthwhile read.The art, by Stuart Immon [...]

    22. The Siege is over, the "Dark Reign" of Norman Osborn is finished, and the Heroic Age now begins. Marvel saw fit to re-launch their many Avengers titles, maybe because #1 issues sell better than #57s (or whichever number).The team's roster is updated once again and Luke Cage, one of Bendis' favourites - surprise, surprise - ends up team leader. Those of you out there who still can't understand the inclusion of Spider-Man & Wolverine in the Avengers will have an even harder time making sense o [...]

    23. The New Avengers Issues 1-6 starts off with Captain America giving the reigns to the Avengers Mansion to Luke Cage so he can start his own Avengers team. Steve Rogers gives them a liason in the form of Victoria Hand- a former H.A.M.M.E.R. agent formerly under Norman Osborn which immediately the team has a disagreement about (especially Spider-Man). As they are moving in however, Doctor Strange and Damien Hellstrom show up possessed by demons with the intention of taking the Eye of Agamotto at al [...]

    24. New Avengers Volume 1 picks up right after the defeat of Norman Osborn and the Siege of Asgard. A huge celebration at Avengers Tower has Steve Rogers asking Luke Cage to lead the New Avengers for real, just as he was so crucial during the events of Civil War/Siege etc.Eventually, to convince him, Tony Stark sells him Avengers Mansion for a dollar (that Cage borrowed from Danny Rand). He then is told by Steve that he can pick anyone he wants for his team (other than Iron Man and Thor, who are on [...]

    25. Not Bendis' best work to date. I shouldn't complain, because when he comes out with a new trade I'll always read it, but I guess I will anyway.Things I didn't like about this volumeSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS1) The story was confusing. Is there one villain or two villains? I didn't know who the villain(s) was, and I didn't understand the climax at all. I've been reading comics a long time, and when I have a hard time figuring out what's going on it means that the creative team hasn't done their job [...]

    26. Okay, just a quick rundown: The art is nice, and I just really love the team dynamics, which is why can't bring myself to rate this any lower. Even though admittedly it doesn't make a lot of sense to have the Thing and Wolverine on this team as well, I want complain much, because Bendis doesn't write them too badly. I'm also a big magic lover and enjoy both Daimon Helltrom and Doctor Strange, so their inclusion was a definite plus for me. Also this ties nicely into one of the arcs of Bendis' pre [...]

    27. I hate to give this one such a low rating, because I generally like Bendis' writing style a lot, but this was not a story I was at all interested in or involved with. I think in part it is because I'm not much of a fan of magic in the superhero verse, especially when it is the main thrust of the story. Dr. Strange has never been one of my favorite characters, and this plot just did not get me at all invested. I have mixed feelings about the whole Avengers/New Avengers/Secret Avengers division, a [...]

    28. I have no idea where this volume falls in Marvel chronology, and was therefore able to read it as a more-or-less standalone collection, whether or not it was intended that way. And for the most part, it works. The emphasis of the story is on Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo, and Damian Hellspawn, and Bendis seems to enjoy merging their more mystical concerns with the traditional superhero world. This leads to some amusing back-and-forth between the characters who spout lines like "By the Holy Hord [...]

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