Cardcaptor Sakura, Book 1

Cardcaptor Sakura Book Fourth grader Sakura Kinomoto finds a strange book in her father s library a book made by the wizard Clow to store dangerous spirits sealed within a set of magical cards But when Sakura opens it up t

  • Title: Cardcaptor Sakura, Book 1
  • Author: CLAMP Mika Onishhi Anita Sengupta
  • ISBN: 9781595825223
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fourth grader Sakura Kinomoto finds a strange book in her father s library a book made by the wizard Clow to store dangerous spirits sealed within a set of magical cards But when Sakura opens it up, there is nothing left inside but Kero chan, the book s cute little guardian beast who informs Sakura that since the Clow cards seem to have escaped while he was asleeFourth grader Sakura Kinomoto finds a strange book in her father s library a book made by the wizard Clow to store dangerous spirits sealed within a set of magical cards But when Sakura opens it up, there is nothing left inside but Kero chan, the book s cute little guardian beast who informs Sakura that since the Clow cards seem to have escaped while he was asleep, it s now her job to capture them

    • Cardcaptor Sakura, Book 1 BY CLAMP Mika Onishhi Anita Sengupta
      111 CLAMP Mika Onishhi Anita Sengupta
    • thumbnail Title: Cardcaptor Sakura, Book 1 BY CLAMP Mika Onishhi Anita Sengupta
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    1. CLAMP Mika Onishhi Anita Sengupta

      kawa Nanase born 2 May 1967 saka, bloodtype A Mokona Apapa born 16 Jun 1968, Ky to bloodtype A Nekoi Mick born 21 Jan 1969, Ky to bloodtype O Igarashi Satsuki born 8 Feb 1969, Ky to bloodtype A CLAMP originally began in 1989 as a twelve member d jinshi circle, but by 1990, the circle had diminished from twelve to seven Of the remaining seven, Tamayo Akiyama, Sei Nanao, and Leeza Sei left the group during the production of the RG Veda manga Other former members of CLAMP also included Soushi Hishika, O Kyon, Kazue Nakamori, Yuzuru Inoue and Shinya mi Currently, there are four members in the group.In 2004, CLAMP s 15th anniversary as a mangaka group, the members changed their names from Nanase Ohkawa, Mokona Apapa, Mick Nekoi, and Satsuki Igarashi to Ageha Ohkawa, Mokona, Tsubaki Nekoi and Satsuki Igarashi her name is pronounced the same, but written with different characters respectively The August 2004 issue of Newtype USA, a magazine specializing in events of the anime and manga subcultures, reported that the members of CLAMP simply wanted to try out new names In a later interview with Ohkawa, it was revealed that initially Mokona wanted to drop her surname because it sounded too immature for her liking, while Nekoi disliked people commenting that her name was the same as Mick Jagger s Ohkawa and Igarashi, wanting to go with the flow of Nekoi s and Mokona s name changes, changed their names as well.In 2006, they made their first USA public debut at Anime Expo in Anaheim, California They were well received at the convention, with 6,000 fans in attendance at their panel.

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    1. More in my exploration of CLAMP. This manga is aimed at younger readers, generally not my preferred level although anime and manga offer loads of it. But it's an earlier work which includes a lot of the CLAMP trope-and-character formations recycled into later works aimed at older readers, so is something of a foundation-work for understanding the often maddeningly elusive latter.Magical-girl Sakura finds an old book made to hold a set of powerful cards, which have become scattered and lost; with [...]

    2. Trying manga while in JapanTo be honest, I picked this up while in Japan as a simple memento as I used to watch the anime when I was younger, but flicked through a couple of pages and quickly found myself hooked, whether it was nostalgia or what I don't know, but I bought Vol. 2 almost straight away. Things I liked; - The humour, while it is that very 'cutesy' humour that a lot of anime features I found myself laughing more than I'd like to admit. - LGBT Representation - Not only is the main cha [...]

    3. 4.5 starsI love this series. Kero is one of my all time favorite magical beings. Li is so crabby, and both he and Sakura are adorable whenever they see major crush Yukito. Tomoyo provides Sakura with a wardrobe even a Kardashian would be envious of. While the card battles are fun, it's the character interactions that make this a gem.

    4. Recordar una buena historia siempre es de lo mejor.Nunca tuve la oportunidad de leer el manga completo cuando lo sacaron aquí en México, y ahora, al descubrir este hermoso Omnibus, estoy más que enamorada de esta historia <3.Páginas a color, buena impresión, excelente historia y personajes, muy bonita portada, ¡ay caramba! Adoro Sakura :3.Totalmente recomendado si no lo has leído :).

    5. Really cute manga that people of all ages can enjoy. I remember watching the anime Saturday mornings as a kid and picking this up as soon as I could get my hands on it. A light, sweet read with utterly adorable characters.

    6. Cardcaptor Sakura, Omnibus 1 ReviewManga Rating: 5 stars out of 5.Story Line: 5 stars out of 5. I really enjoyed the omnibus of Cardcaptor Sakura. I am a big fan of the anime. I know that the English version was changed, but I actually enjoyed it. I read the manga to compare it to the anime. That is why I read most anime. I feel reading it helps you get more connected with the characters. You see the differences between the anime and the manga. I felt there was a lot that was different. Some of [...]

    7. I've been a longtime Clamp fan, but I don't think I've ever really sat down with this series. It falls into the category of Magical Girl (like Sailor Moon), and is definitely aimed at a younger market.Sakura is a normal fourth-grader who finds a magic book that used to hold cards (they look rather like Tarot cards). The guardian fell asleep and let the cards escape. Sakura found the book, so she obviously has the magic power needed to catch the cards, and each card captured gives her more power [...]

    8. A major reason why I wanted to read (and in some cases re-read) the Cardcaptor Sakura series is to put my finger on why it became one of the "classic magical girl shojo" stories. I have just finished the first volume and while I don't think I've touched on the magic just yet I do find the character very endearing and the story to be very cute. The whole "gotta catch em all" aspect of it is a little trite, but at the same time I enjoy read Sakura's adventures. Since I own the complete series now, [...]

    9. Very cute! I must admit I don't really remember much from the anime, though I do recall having a certain fondness for it. Quite interesting that this manga has same-sex relationships/crushes, and it's actually deeper than expected. Luckily I have the second omnibus volume from the library so I can continue on with the series!

    10. I LOVED this!! I used to watch Cardcaptors all the time when I was a kid so it was really interesting to read this. I watched the english dubbed version so I think some things are quite different. It's such an enjoyable story and I can't wait to read the rest!

    11. Como a maior parte das pessoas eu cheguei neste mangá vindo do anime que passava na TV a cabo durante a minha infância. Ele particularmente introduz romances que fogem do cotidiano, mas não de maneira explícita, fazendo um retrato mais sugestivo do que propriamente dito. O grupo CLAMP em si admitiu que seu objetivo era trazer representatividade a diferentes tipos de relacionamentos, desafiando algumas regras da heteronormatividade, mas também beirando o inapropriado com dinâmicas aluno/pro [...]

    12. Still magical but wow there is one issue that is too creepy.World: The art by Clamp is beautiful. The splash pages and sense of power is amazing. The world building is solid and serves the story. It's not super complex but it is fun. Story: I read this along time ago during the anime release and reading it again it does have a janky pacing which the show fixed. There's all the tropes and clichés of the magical girl drama but the layer of the cards and the solving of each card keeps it fresh. Th [...]

    13. I binged watched the anime a couple of years ago and I totally fell in love with the story, so now that I kind of forgot the details I decided to actually pick up the mangas and get into them.The first volume of the Omnibus series has the 3 first mangas of the series, so it's kind of like a collection set in 4 books for the 12 issues. The story follows Sakura Kinomoto, a 10 year old girl, that opens a magical book that releases the clow cards. If she doesn't capture them all, a great evil is gon [...]

    14. Very cute and light. I do wonder if this series gets darker or if the happy-go-lucky vibe I'm getting from it remains away from all the dark and depressing stuff I tend to gravitate to. ALSO THE SHOULDERS. DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN WHO IS STUCK MAKING THE SHIRTS FOR THESE MEN?

    15. So, growing up, I never got into CCS, mostly because I think it aired at a time where I couldn't catch it after school or something, and also because, once I got into manga in middle school, I don't think I ever really saw it on shelves. I'd always wanted to read/watch it eventually, so I've been picking up the omnibus editions in between finishing other series.Sakura is a fourth-grader/10-year-old, so I knew going into this that it would be at least a little childish. It IS, but not overwhelmin [...]

    16. The Deal: After stumbling into a strange book in her father's library, Sakura Kinomoto - a sporty, cute and girly fourth grader - met Kero-chan, the beast that guards the Clow Cards, and he needs her help getting them all back. The Clow Cards are magic devices, created long ago by a great wizard, they were supposed to be sealed, but at some point they escaped, and now it is up to Sakura to find them all. Without knowing, Sakura has always had some magical power - which enabled her to open card's [...]

    17. Dark Horse did a wonderful job releasing this series. The book is a heavy omnibus with glossy pages, crisp black ink and plenty of colour illustrations. CLAMP isn't great with the whole narrative flow thing. They start their story in a bit of an awkward, fumbling way that quickly goes over backstory, setting up the plot at a break-neck speed. They're a bit too busy designing cute costumes for Sakura to plot out a solid narrative. And that's fine. I prepped myself for a cute, silly story and not [...]

    18. God help me I actually liked this one. The concept is cool, collect a bunch of escaped magical creatures and return them to their cards otherwise bad things will happen. You can even use the magical creatures you capture to help capture even more creatures. Kind of Pokemon-esque. Anyway that was all cool. There are just weird romance things. First of all there's the multiple inappropriate underage romances. The worst one is SPOILER ALERT the 9 year old and her teacher who are dating and then dec [...]

    19. I love this series so far and everything about it. It's funny and heartwarming and action packed and cute.I watched the anime for this years ago and I'm loving the manga just as much if not more! The characters and the character interactions, their relationships with each other, the humour, the action. Sakura's crush on Yukito; Toya and his relationship with Yukito and his protectiveness of Sakura even though he acts like a typical older brother teasing her! Tomoyo and Sakura's friendship. Kero! [...]

    20. Late to review, but so good, I love both the ccs anime and manga series! : ) its amazing, cute, and funny, and love Sakura and Syoaran 3 and Sakura's outfits are so adorable! : ) love it one of my all-time favorite manga series, definitely recommend both the manga and the anime series! 3 the anime is available to watch online on Crunchyroll/cardcaptor-sakura and the manga on the kindle and google books : ) love this series! 3

    21. My first manga ever! (One Piece doesn't count, because I didn't technically read it. I can't read Japanese.) The action scenes were a little hard to understand. The swirly stuff and special effects were a big distraction. The background stood out way too much. Also, what was with Mr. Hong Kong Li Person being a rival to Sakura? That was just creepy. Just . . . I mean, is that hinting at . . . well anyway, this has a fourth grade heroine. Is this supposed to be adult or something?

    22. The anime was my childhood and the manga was my pre-teens.I recently re-read this and plan on getting the omnibus, because I need it in my life.Cute and fluffy, little girl saves the world and looks great while doing it. The CLAMP ladies do really have quiet the imagination(s) to come up with an endearing story with supernatural themes at the same time.

    23. Ahhh memories. Remember becoming obesessed with this plus the anime and the movies. cute and fluffy and gorgeous art by CLAMP!

    24. The classic Cardcaptor Sakura is brought back to use in all new Omnibus form thanks to Dark Horse Manga which means there is no rating on it and although I am sure younger readers can read this (one review on the back cover calls it one of the best kid manga in translation) but there are some things in the book that could be traumatic or possibly foreign to younger readers like when Sakura almost drowns or how Sakura and Tomoyo feel a different love for each other so I would say it is Rated Teen [...]

    25. I wanted to give this 4 stars for the nostalgia factor, but then I remembered that Papyrus font and I couldn't do it. That "magical" font was almost enough to make me put the book down as soon as I started. The volume definitely improved as it progressed, and not just because Li came and he was my favorite character back when the cartoon was on TV. I was aware that the show had been heavily edited for American sensibilities, but sheesh, there's a lot of unresolved sexual attraction going on in a [...]

    26. Great read!! and overall amazing release from dark horse! The paper quality is great, and the book is quite pleasing to the eye as well. Plus you also get tons of colored pages and I mean tons!! One slight complaint is how heavy the book is meaning you have to bee careful when opening and reading since the spine might crack. but overall a great release. In terms of content, since this is my first time reading the manga although I have seen the anime, it was a fantastic read! it seems pretty fast [...]

    27. Cardcaptor Sakura is such a sweet story. The characters are all very endearing, and I couldn't help but love all of them. I love how CLAMP explores different kind of relationships and how the characters closest to Sakura all interact. Even her classmates who don't play a very huge role in her magical life, are easy to love because they're all given their own time to shine and their own personal quirks.The art is simply stunning. The amount of detail and obvious care that was put into drawing it [...]

    28. When I was in primary and secondary school I fell in love for anime "Cardcaptor Sakura" and I promised myself that one day I would go to London and buy myself a manga. And here I am, 7 years later, falling for Sakura again, with her energy, crazy adventures and magic. "Cardcaptor Sakura" tells the story of a young girl, Sakura Kinomoto, who finds a book that wakes up a magical creature - Cerberus (which sounds much prouder than this creature actually looks like most of the time), who is the guar [...]

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