Objects of Worship

Objects of Worship Twelve strange eerie sensual stories by a bold new voice in weird fiction Capricious gods rule a world of women Zombies breed human cattle The son of a superhero must decide between his heritage and

  • Title: Objects of Worship
  • Author: Claude Lalumière James K. Morrow Rupert Bottenberg
  • ISBN: 9780981297828
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twelve strange, eerie, sensual stories by a bold new voice in weird fiction Capricious gods rule a world of women Zombies breed human cattle The son of a superhero must decide between his heritage and his religion Young lovers worship a primordial spider god The apocalyptic rebirth of the god of the elephants .

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    • Objects of Worship - Claude Lalumière James K. Morrow Rupert Bottenberg
      407 Claude Lalumière James K. Morrow Rupert Bottenberg
    • thumbnail Title: Objects of Worship - Claude Lalumière James K. Morrow Rupert Bottenberg
      Posted by:Claude Lalumière James K. Morrow Rupert Bottenberg
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    About "Claude Lalumière James K. Morrow Rupert Bottenberg"

    1. Claude Lalumière James K. Morrow Rupert Bottenberg

      Claude Lalumi re is the author of the story collections Objects of Worship and Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes and of the mosaic works The Door to Lost Pages and Venera Dreams A Weird Entertainment He has edited fourteen anthologies, including two Aurora Award nominated volumes in the Tesseracts series His first fiction Bestial Acts appeared in Interzone in 2002, and he has since published than 100 stories his work has been translated into French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Serbian, Hungarian, and Russian and adapted for stage, screen, audio, and comics Originally from Montreal, he s currently headquartered in Ottawa.

    698 thoughts on “Objects of Worship”

    1. Quite honestly, I only really liked about half of these dozen stories, but because they were so well written, oozing with life and imagination, four stars it is.

    2. Finished Objects of Worship (2009) by Claude Lalumière the other day on the way to work. Objects of Worship is a collection of 12 short stories. Describing them as strange would be an understatement. This collection abounds with zombies, superheroes and gods.About the only other contemporary writer I read much of whose short fiction is this strange, is John Shirley. But other than pure strangeness the two writers’ works have little in common. Shirley’s stories frequently edge into the horri [...]

    3. Mr LaLumiere is an author worth checking out. His short story collection here is visionary, creative, and original. And often times disturbing, as well. Here are my impressions on a few of the stories:Objects of DesireVery disturbing and weird. Thrusts the reader into a bizarre world where creepy little household 'gods' are worshipped, and they occasionally decide to knock up their exclusively female worshippers. It was icky, but compelling.The Ethical Treatment of MeatA zombie story from the po [...]

    4. A story by story discussion with the first lines (in two cases the first "relevant" lines) included; superb collectionThe Object of WorshipThe god settles on the table. Rose tears a piece from her toast, slathers a heap of cream cheese on the ear-sized morsel, and lays it next to the god. It consumes the tribute.The first story and the one that names the collection starts the novel with a bang introducing a world in which gods are "real", physical and everywhere, demand worship while giving life [...]

    5. I picked this book up for cheap when a nearby Borders shut down, and well, I have to say that I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it.I love short stories, particularly as a vehicle for weird or speculative fiction. Lalumière's book looked promising, full of superheroes and zombies and old gods. Unfortunately, while Lalumière does play with some interesting ideas here and there, too many of these stories function as little more than half-baked mashups retreading worlds, characters, and concept [...]

    6. I picked up this book at Polaris, and have to say I was pleasantly surprised by some of the stories in this book. I particularly enjoyed his take on zombies facing off against a Lovecraftian horror. That having been said I was saddened by how distinctly underwhelmed I felt upon finishing it.I can't help but wonder if perhaps something was lost in translation from Lalumiere's native french?I can only describe the book as a whole thus:It feels like watching an entire season of "The Outer Limits", [...]

    7. Je n'ai pas terminé ce recueil de nouvelles.Ça avait bien commencé pourtant : je trouvais l'écriture des premières nouvelles simple et efficace. En cours de route, j'ai commencé à accumuler des points d'interrogation.L'Objet de l'adoration offre une première idée intéressante, celle selon laquelle les dieux sont multiples et réels. Ils ont besoin d'être nourris et aimés, ils peuvent même donner du plaisir sexuel. Le récit met en scène un couple de jeunes femmes qui vit avec ce ge [...]

    8. An ecclectic mix of short stories that all focus around things that people worship/adore etc.I have to admit that my absolute two favorite stories in this collection were both the zombie stories; The Ethical Treatment of Meat and A Trip to the Optomitrist. I actually ended up reading the first one out loud to my other half and had a fantastic giggle over it (though in retrospec I'm not sure that was the author's aim). This was the first I'd ever heard/read anything by Claude Lalumière, but I re [...]

    9. I really enjoyed the first tale in this collection of Weird stories ("The Object of Worship"). In its own peculiar--and I use that word affectionately--way, it captured the emotional complexity of the breakdown of a relationship between two women, particularly the surreal experience of realizing the person one lives with isn't who they once were/pretended to be, along with those odd,identity-shattering first moments of detachment and distancing when things finally fall apart. I wish that I enjoy [...]

    10. This is another book for which I wish there were half-star ratings; it really stands in the 3.5 category for me. However, as the ratings system stands, the quality of the prose certainly earns more than a 3-star rating. The stories are very literary, which for me makes wonderful but not always entertaining reading, if I dare make that distinction.When you want something really different, I'd recommend Objects of Worship.

    11. Usually I'm not a fan of short story collections as I like to become immersed in a work and hate being pulled out of it after a few pages. However, Objects of Worship was a fantastic collection. Each story has a thread that connects it to the next and the themes about gods and worship resonates well.

    12. Lalumière's characters, their lives, their identities are as difficult to pin down and categorize as the stories themselves. I read these at different times over the last few months, and every one was a treat. This is original, beautiful, thoughtful, emotional stuff -- a wonderful addition to any short-fiction-lover's library.

    13. Knowing fuck all about golden age comics a lot of this probably sailed over my head, in fact it's only the introduction and story notes (story notes!) that clued me in to the fact that so many of these stories are homages to Ditko, Kirby, et. al.Still I enjoyed this collection of sometimes weird, sometimes scary, sometimes erotic, stories immensely.

    14. Une voix unique pleine de fantasie, d'imagination et sous les histoires où se mêlent mythes et superhéros, de la compassion!

    15. I found this short story collection quite wonderful.A lot of people have commented on the derivative nature of some of the short stories. I can't comment as I haven't read the original novels that those short stories were inspired by.Despite being a fan of superheroes and comics I found that the weakest stories in the collection were the ones based on superheroes. This is quite odd considering almost all of the other stories have this sort of Heavy Metal/Metal Hurlant vibe to them, especially wi [...]

    16. Claude Lalumiere writes some of the most bizarre and enormously creative fiction I have ever read. His prose draws you in with its fluidity and delicacy, and then hits you with something particularly odd, making it hard to tear yourself away. What is going on with this weird zombie family? How did ice destroy all the electronics in the world? Bio-developed megafauna? LaLumiere's stories are not full of answers, but they raise many interesting questions about the world, painting a picture of how [...]

    17. Like any collection of short stories, this is something of a mixed bag. It's at its best when it's seriously engaging with religious ideas -- by far the best story is "Hochelaga and Sons," a superhero tale that ponders the tension between purity and mercy in the Jewish tradition. The title story, which is something of an antitheist manifesto, is the second best, and is undeniably visceral and thought-provoking.Less successful are the experiments in high fantasy, which (as is frequently the case [...]

    18. A fine collection of short fantasy/horror fiction, with two particularly outstanding stories: the title yarn, and "The Ethical Treatment of Meat" (the latter is both brilliant and outlandishly ghastly). The range of subject matter, and the originality of ideas and images in these stories is very, very exceptional; even a Dunsany hommage ("The Darkness at the Heart of the World") is fresh and unformulaic. "Destroyer of Worlds" is almost as ingenious, but moves too quickly to sustain such a wealth [...]

    19. I had high expectations of this short story collection, coming from my favourite publisher of dark fiction. Unfortunately, it was a disappointment. Many of the stories were interesting ideas, but that's all they were. Glimpses of something that could have been larger or more involved, but wasn't. They all felt unfinished, in a way that left me extremely unsatisfied. Nothing felt very fleshed out. Because I hadn't read any of the works that the author was responding to with his stories, that aspe [...]

    20. I really enjoyed his stories. Each story was very different. The zombie stories were the best by far. He needs a whole book of them. I love that they are a gay couple and you really don't get they are all dead at first. It hits you when they adopt a fleshie which is a human child. It was grotesque what they do but you still love the characters while they are doing it. It's the touches of humor that draws you in. I may read his super hero collection next. I am also a comic book fan and picked up [...]

    21. I was intrigued by the cover while looking through indigo's bargain section, read the blurb and really liked the idea. My boyfriend went to get me birthday gifts and this was an early one I got :D This book is so different. I really loved all the short stories but the zombie ones were my favourite :) I like a lot of the absurd things that happen, that seem almost like they could happen with how he writes them.

    22. It's difficult to find books that are both challenging in concept and execution. I was hoping this would cover at at least some of that territory but in general the stories are neither exceptionally original nor particularly well-written. Not a bad collection, mind you, but a strong reminder (for me) of why I read so little genre fiction now. Two and half stars, If I had the option.

    23. Loved this! Great collection of short stories that I highly recommend - loved the twist on the traditional zombie tale. I will never think of zombies the same again!

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