The Chase: Pelarian

The Chase Pelarian Charlie dan singa singa terjebak setelah lari dari sirkus mereka bukannya bebas pergi ke Afrika tapi malah terkurung di Venezia Charlie juga belum berhasil menemukan orangtuanya yang diculik ia beru

  • Title: The Chase: Pelarian
  • Author: Zizou Corder B. Sendra Tanuwidjaja
  • ISBN: 9789792225303
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charlie dan singa singa terjebak setelah lari dari sirkus, mereka bukannya bebas pergi ke Afrika, tapi malah terkurung di Venezia Charlie juga belum berhasil menemukan orangtuanya yang diculik ia berusaha keras mancari tahu dari para kucing, tapi kemana sahabat sahabatnya itu Yang jelas, petualangan Charlie dan para singa jadi makin seru dan menegangkan DDC 823

    • The Chase: Pelarian BY Zizou Corder B. Sendra Tanuwidjaja
      481 Zizou Corder B. Sendra Tanuwidjaja
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    1. Zizou Corder B. Sendra Tanuwidjaja

      Zizou Corder is Louisa Young and Isabel Adomakoh Young, whose names are too long to fit on the front of a book.Louisa is a grown up and has written five grown up books Isabel is a kid and has written mostly schoolwork.The original Zizou is Isabel s lizard, only he spells it Zizu They Have written five books together the highly acclaimed Lionboy trilogy, Lee Raven Boy Thief and Halo.They live in London Only one goes to school.

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    1. Pues la verdad es que ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que había leido la primera parte y ya solo recordaba que iba sobre un niño que leía la mente de los leones. Pero conforme fui leyendo el libro me iba acordando de toda la historia. Como pensé cuando estaba leyendo la primera parte es un libro que me parece demasiado infantil para estar en una colección juvenil justo a libros como la princesa prometida o terramar. Creo que a los niños les podría gustar mucho ya que tiene una historia "curr [...]

    2. I've had this book on my shelf since 2005 and, 12 years later, have finally gotten round to reading it. Lionboy: The Chase is the second novel in the lionboy trilogy. Charlie Ashanti is a cat speaker (he can speak to cats) who, in the previous story, escaped from a circus with six lions. This story picks up there, with Charlie and the lions on the run, being pursued by the circus lion tamer Maccamo, trying to get the lions home while looking for Charlie's kidnapped parents. It's a good story but [...]

    3. The adventure continues Venice and in Morocco. Charlie and the lions meet some fun new characters, inadvertently dabble in politics a bit, and survive a Mediterranean sea voyage. The ending here is also more satisfactory, though I still immediately picked up the third: Lionboy: The Truth and kept on reading.

    4. In this second book, Charlie and his lion friends are on the run from a nasty lion trainer, and Charlie's parents are desperate to escape from the clutches of the evil Corporacy. I loved the action and adventure in this one, and the way that Charlie begins to trust his own instincts more and more. We find out more about the mystery of WHY Charlie's parents were kidnapped in the first place, and we get to see Charlie growing up, getting stronger, and taking control of his situation. The lions are [...]

    5. Things I appreciate in this novel-The diversity (especially considering it was written in the early 2000's)-The messages (including: racial discrimination, pollution, animal abuse, and gender equality among other things)-Charlie Ashanti (his character development is lovely to read about)-SERGEI (he's my favorite, which I remember from my first time reading this book)-The lions (lions are YES)-The three-dimensional antagonistsCriticisms: -The pacing-The lack in change of setting (as in they stay [...]

    6. Charlie, his pride of lions and Primo are racing to Venice in search of his parents. His parents are in another French town, prisoners. Sergei, the allegenie cat, is the go between. The Corporacy and Rafi are in hot pursuit. Maccomo is waiting for them.The tale races along with unexpected twists and turns. There are betrayals. Charlie becomes a hero.This second in the trilogy is the bridge between the beginning and the ending. It is filled with action. Yet it is only the race to put Charlie and [...]

    7. This is a nice continuation to "Lionboy". Something always goes wrong, even when circumstances seem to finally be in the protagonist's favor. Like all good characters, Charlie grows as a result of having to handle his his own problems. My one complaint with the book is that the ending feels final. Things are wrapped up so nicely, that I debated whether or not I was going to read the third book.

    8. Charlie akhirnya membawa singa-singa kabur dari Circe seusai pertunjukan yang digelar malam itu. Ditambah lagi, Rafi Sadler sudah mengetahui keberadaannya di Perahu Sirkus tersebut.Dalam pelarian mereka, mereka bertemu dengan seekor singa tua, Singa Gigi Pedang. Ternyata singa tersebut adalah singa hasil kloningan dan dia tidak mengatahui asal usulnya. Akhirnya Charlie membawa semua singa naik kerete api Oreont Express menuju Venezia sesuai dengan petunjuk kucing Sergei. Dalam perjalanan seorang [...]

    9. I can see looking at reviews of this novel online that I am in the minority for not liking this novel and so appreciate that there may be some appeal about it that simply eludes me.The prose is overly simplistic and at times lacks coherence - sometimes causing sentences to run together and making action sequences seem hazy and unegaging. The pacing is poor, taking a good two thirds of the novel before it actually felt as though it was moving and, even then, there appears to be no rhyme and reaso [...]

    10. This novel is book two of the series. In the first book you find out that the boy Charlie can speak cat.In this second book Charlie's setting out to find his parents which are located in Venice. Charlie escapes the king of bulgaria with his his lions which he was on a train with. This event remind me of one when I was younger when my mom told me I couldn't keep my dog anymore so I walked around the city looking for my dad. This reminded me of this because I felt like that day was adventerous to [...]

    11. This book is a continuous story of the first book "Lion Boy". In the first book Charlie Ashanti joined a floating Circus for searching his lost parents. On the floating Circus he met six lions who wanted to escape. Charlie successfully escaped with the lions by train to Venice. Rafi Sadler, who was chasing Charlie, was left behind the Circus after bitten by one of the six lions. This book “Lion Boy: The Chase”, Charlie was protected by King Boris and arrived Venice. When they arrived, King B [...]

    12. No time for a thorough review but here's a short one: this is the first in an unusual fantasy trilogy by Zizou Corder. it's not really a trilogy, it's more of a long novel split into three; you really can't read just one as the end of each leaves more questions than answers. It was entertaining and well enough written that I whipped through the series as fast as the audiobook could go. (audiobook note: there is annoying calliope music played at the beginning of a couple of chapters. I hate calli [...]

    13. This is number 2 in a trilogy. The books are written for young readers and are well written and have no swearing or real nastiness in them. they are exciting and tense and set in the future - sort of sci fi. I love the way the books are written with Mum writing and obviously the child contributing ideas as the story is very much an adventure and I think they would appeal to boys and girls who are good readers to early teens.A young boy is scratched by a lion when he is small and can now speak ca [...]

    14. This is the sort of book I always wanted to read when I was young, this is the sort of book I still like reading now. I have not read the first in the trilogy which only made the first few pages slightly tricky, but from the opening pages with an enticing map to set the scene, this is everyones adventure story.The style of writing is friendly without patronizing. The setting and characters are plausible and thoughtfully constructed. The plot is suitably involved with several story lines all deve [...]

    15. LionBoy The Chase is the second best book I've ever read LionBoy #1 was my opinion better. This book is like the book I've wanted to read with anger, joy, sadness, and a loving book for the mystery readers which his mom and dad kidnapped. The types of genres I like to read is humor and fantasy and this book has a little imagination in it.I liked this book because it has a lot of facts and fantasy with a boy who can talk to all types of the cat family big and small. At the beginning Charlie is in [...]

    16. loved the 1st book, love this 1 thing i kinda have an issue with is the thing with Maccamo @ the end. I mean, the lions freaking keep him as their prisoner. forever. in the wild. drugging him. that part seems, in my dear old mum's terms, "sketchy". yeah.i knew like the entire book that Mabel and Magdelene were related. but that didnt ruin the book 4 me @ all. sod instead of being horrified and outraged @ the end of the book, which goes like, "Charlie smiled. but that was only because he didnt kn [...]

    17. In The Chase, by Zizou Corder, Charlie and his lion friends are imprisoned by their friend's, King Boris of Bulgaria, security chief, Edward. During their imprisonment, they learn that Edward wishes to repair relations between the Doge of Venice and his employer by having Primo, one of the lions, dress-up as the Lion of Saint Mark. However, Charlie and his friends hatch a plan with the boatmen of Venice to overthrow the doge and have the lions go to Africa. Meanwhile, Maccomo lies in waiting at [...]

    18. Di sini Charlie kecil bukan sja hrs belajar ttg pertemanan, tp juga ttg pengkhianatan. Edward yg diserahi tugas oleh Raja Boris untuk membantunya, malah berbalik dan punya rencana sendiri. Belum lagi ulah Raffi dan Massomo. Untunglah singa-singa dan kucing-kucing masih bisa diandalkan. Sementara itu, rahasia penelitian ayah ibu Charlie dan kaitannya dengan perusahaan farmasi, serta kucing, makin terkuak.Aku jg suka sekali melihat-lihat peta, bagan, rancangan dan berbagai ilustrasi lain yg disert [...]

    19. Lionboy was a good book because it was full of action and suspense. This book is full of action because Charlie is always trying to find his parents while teaming up with lots of cats, especially Sergi, 6 lions, and an extinct sabertoothed tiger. Also, they are moving from England to Paris to Venice to Morocco all the time trying not to get caught. They shipwreck on the coast of Morocco too. This book was suspenseful because there were lots of enemies, like Rafi and Maccomo, and they were always [...]

    20. To be honest I would rate almost all books a 5 stars. But this book was so good! It took me a little while to get into it but by like the middle I was so into it that I finished it in two or three days! I was in love with the amazing characters. I feel like I knew each of them personally. And I liked lions before hand but after reading these books I am like obsessed with them. I would defiantly recommend this book to any one who likes adventure, and/or animals. Also this book could feel more rel [...]

    21. Charlie can speak to lions and they speak back! In this second book in the Lionboy Trilogy Charlie and a pride of lions has escaped the circus where the lions were being abused. They find help through King Boris who hides the group on a train. Meanwhile Charlie's scientist parents have been kidnapped and held by "The Company" who wants to brainwash them into helping with an evil plot. Charlie is desperate to find his parents but he also knows he has to stay and help the lions. What is a lion-spe [...]

    22. Really really good! This is the second of a trilogy and I'm now really looking forward to starting the next one! It's sort of set in the future (a not altogether pleasant but still very realistic future) where we are definitely dealing with the affects of Well all the issues we have today! Bad health and asthma and global climate change and environmental issues - all really well phrased from a kids perspective. The story of Charlie (who can communicate with cats) trying to take a group of lions [...]

    23. This book was not one of the best ones I've read, in fact not even that good. The third and last one was the most entertaining of them all becauseof the high-speed chase. Even with that, it didn't bring my rating up from a 2-star. Though I didn't like them, I stuck with them throughout the trilogy. I learned from this book to never judge a book from its cover because this book had an excellent cover, though not enough meat. More descriptions were needed in many places, though less would be gladl [...]

    24. This book is a great second book in this trilogy. I cannot wait to read the final book in this series. Lionboy:The Chase starts right where lionboy left off. Charlie Ashanti is in a train with 7 lions, including the saber-toothed lion they found in Paris. When they get to the King of Bulgaria's castle, Edward is acting suspicious. After going to the Doge's palace and leaving Primo, the saber-toothed lion behind, Charlie and the lions head to find Charlie's parents. Can Charlie get the lions home [...]

    25. This is the second book in The Lionboy trilogy. Charlie and the lions are taken to the King's palace in Venice. Here he hopes to find his parents and then return the lions to Africa, but Edward has other plans. Can Charlie and the lions escape? Will Charlie ever find his parents? Will Maccomo recapture the lions? Will Rafi capture Charlie? Will Charlie ever discover why the Corporacy is so interested in his family? What is the secret of the Allergenies? A great sequel to the first novel and sets [...]

    26. The story LionBoy: The Chase by Zizou Corder was an amazing book. It picks up up where Book one LionBoy left off. It starts from them on a train to Venice and ends when Charlie finds his parents and returns the lions back to where they belong. I liked this book because it was well written and it had you on the edge of your seat because you didn't know what was going to happen next. I recommend this book if you like irony.

    27. Well this one is just as action packed as the first one! The trials that this poor boy goes through when all he wants is to find his parents is just ridiculous. But fun! Sometimes I will read a book, sigh and say that the plot is too far-fetched. Sometimes, I love a crazy plot line. This is one of those times. Nothing is believable and yet I soaked in every word!

    28. Great book. Part of a trilogy. We listened to it on CD. Since it has so much french, italian and other languages (like twee), I would suggest that you listen to it. Trying to read it would be tough. The guy who reads the books on the CD does a FANTASTIC job. Lots of fun and interesting true facts. Just look up on Google Earth all the places they go. No swearing or any bad stuff.

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