Parasyte, Volume 6

Parasyte Volume ENEMY MINEShinichi has been hiding his true nature from the world His body has been colonized by an alien being and now he s half human half alien The other alien invaders led by the cruel and beau

  • Title: Parasyte, Volume 6
  • Author: Hitoshi Iwaaki
  • ISBN: 9780345500342
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • ENEMY MINEShinichi has been hiding his true nature from the world His body has been colonized by an alien being, and now he s half human, half alien The other alien invaders, led by the cruel and beautiful Tamura, have discovered his secret Shinichi is a threat to their plan to destroy the human race a threat that these ruthless creatures will no longer ignore.

    • Parasyte, Volume 6 by Hitoshi Iwaaki
      466 Hitoshi Iwaaki
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    1. Hitoshi Iwaaki

      Hitoshi Iwaaki Japanese Hepburn Iwaaki Hitoshi , born July 28, 1960 is a Japanese manga artist, whose works include the science fiction horror series Parasyte The Mixx editions of Parasyte romanize his name as Hitosi Iwaaki , while the Del Rey Manga editions use Hitoshi Iwaaki.In 1993, he received the Kodansha Manga Award for Parasyte He was a finalist for the 2005 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Grand Prize for Historie In 2010 Historie took the grand prize in the manga division of the 2010 Japan Media Arts Festival.

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    1. Una pasada de tomo! Cada vez me sorprenden más los parásitos y las reflexiones a las que pueden llegar. Y esas páginas sin diálogo tras un asesinato, la representación de la rutina del tema. Maravilloso. Solo quedan 2 tomos para que acabe la obra y NO ESTOY PREPARADA!

    2. Iwaaki has really outdone himself this volume. The scene in the park was incredible. I continue to be impressed with the unique directions in which he's taking the story.

    3. La historia continúa avanzando sin piedad a base de giros sensatos y sólo echo en falta un poco más pericia de Iwaaki a la hora de ilustrar su historia (esos muñecotes, esa narrativa acartonada). Menudo cliffhanger el del final.

    4. Series Rating: 4 StarsFirstly a warning, Parasyte is horror – not the fluffy kind.It’s violent and the artwork backs this up.I personally prefer creepy over violent horror but Parasyte didn’t bother me, because it’s not just about gore and death – there is plenty of plot. Shin’s parasite didn’t succeed in taking him over, instead he’s trapped in Shin’s hand and the two of them develop and odd (and sometimes rather amusing) relationship. Meanwhile, around them the bodies count i [...]

    5. Does Migi showed some emotion? Tamiya's attempt to learn more about humans is scary. Is she thinking about blending and coexisting with humans I wonder. But I doubt it.

    6. Finora di sicuro il capitolo più bello della saga, con Ryoko Tamura che fronteggia per l'ultima volta Shin'Ichi, affidandogli il figlio da lei generato e un ulteriore dubbio sulla natura dei parassiti. Ryoko è il personaggio più riuscito de "l'ospite indesiderato", e la sua fame di conoscenza, la sua ricerca del principio, qui si esprime con un monologo finale semplice ed ispiratissimo. Così come sono spettacolari quelle lacrime che finalmente arrivano, per Shin'Ichi. Nel finale un cliff han [...]

    7. Almost overSix out of eight books down and still going strong. Read volume 1 first of course but you need to give this a go.

    8. Resmen küçücük bir delikanlıdan kocaman bir adama dönüşmesini okuyorum, inanılmaz zevkli!TÜM CİLT YORUMU İÇİNburaya tıklayınız

    9. Parasyte is not a manga for kids because it’s incredibly cruel, the level of gore in this manga can even make grown up stops reading it. There are a lot of human turns into cut off body parts. There is even a part where an alley is full of human body parts with the blood scattered on the floor and wallEVER, apart from the gory images, the story itself is really good. I think it is well written and I like how the story evolves slowly from simple to complicated. AND just like most Japanese manga [...]

    10. This volume picks up and closes off a few storylines. I really loved watching how the Parasyte are trying to find their reasoning. Our whole life is about figuring out who we are and why we're here. These Parasytes who are man-eating monsters (for the most part) are now trying to figure out the same. Especially a certain Parasyte with a little baby. This was easily the most engaging part of the volume. Her trying to figure out her calling, if she has emotions, if she cares about the baby. It's a [...]

    11. The parasites have decided to eliminate several threats. Among them are Shinichi and the detective. Their extermination attempts are bungled and both Shinichi and the detective emerge alive, if not unscathed. The detective's family is murdered in the process and he wants to avenge them. More police become involved - they are desperate to learn whatever they can about the parasite threat. Also, Tamura Reiko (the parasite raising a human baby and studying the human race), reveals herself to be uni [...]

    12. After a very good volume 4 followed by a truly weak volume 5, Hitoshi Iwaaki gets back on track with a book that advances the plot again. The beginning is rather chaotic and seems as aimless as its predecessor, but by the end cohesion is reformed and the story has a direction again.This time the personal struggle of a teenaged boy against invading alien parasites finally gets into a more plausible and interesting level as Japanese authorities get into the fight. The parasites are also deepened, [...]

    13. Parasyte is about an alien species that infects humans in order to eradicate the human species from Earth.Volume 6 has more plot development, but no real character development in our protagonist. The fight scenes are too generic to really be interesting to me. I still like where the story seems to be slowly headed though. Side characters continue to be the best.

    14. Sekali lagi harus kuakui, sulit untuk tidak menyukai serial manga ini. Ceritanya rumit tapi tidak sampai membuat bingung ataupun dahi berkerut. Menegangkan tapi ada selipan komedinya. Benar-benar membuat penasaran akan seperti apa kejadian berikutnya, sampai tidak sabar rasanya menunggu terjemahan volume 7 diterbitkan di sini.

    15. This volume was great - some interesting plot development, unexpected character activity, and at least one really gross fight scene (which is what you want from Parasyte). This makes for a better issue than the ones where Shinichi mopes around and argues with his hand the whole time. Not that those ones are bad, but this one was particularly good stuff.

    16. After an installment that consisted mostly of one long, cinematic fight sequence, Iwaaki gets back to the plot. In-fighting among the parasytes, plots against family members and humans in the know. Of any of the manga I have read or am currently reading, this series is the only one that has me genuinely hooked on a story, not just its weirdness or wildness.

    17. existential approach of a parasyte was the most important theme of this volume. I also liked the hard fights and new methods of wining them. I wonder how this series is gonna end, I only hope it has a unique ending.

    18. Para parasit mulai belajar ekspresi manusia.Shinichi memutuskan untuk menghabisi parasit satu persatu.Dan Goto mulai bergerak!!!

    19. 3.5 half stars. It is getting complicated, but the plot in this volume wasn´t as catching as in previous volumes. But I hope, that it will gett better, because it really headng to the epic final.

    20. Oops, thought that was going to be the end, but NO there is more.Thanks, I am hoping you will explain why Tamura just gave up???

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