The Violet Keystone

The Violet Keystone Bestselling author Garth Nix s amazing Seventh Tower series is back now with a great new look Tal and Milla are only one step away from death Evil is only one step away from triumph An old war is made

  • Title: The Violet Keystone
  • Author: Garth Nix
  • ISBN: 9780439176873
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bestselling author Garth Nix s amazing Seventh Tower series is back now with a great new look Tal and Milla are only one step away from death Evil is only one step away from triumph An old war is made new again The ultimate power is up for grabs.As shadows rage, ancient spells return, illusion reigns and corruption threatens The search for hope is the bravest quest.ThBestselling author Garth Nix s amazing Seventh Tower series is back now with a great new look Tal and Milla are only one step away from death Evil is only one step away from triumph An old war is made new again The ultimate power is up for grabs.As shadows rage, ancient spells return, illusion reigns and corruption threatens The search for hope is the bravest quest.The Seventh Tower is the key to it all.

    • The Violet Keystone BY Garth Nix
      282 Garth Nix
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      Garth Nix was born in 1963 in Melbourne, Australia, to the sound of the Salvation Army band outside playing Hail the Conquering Hero Comes or possibly Roll Out the Barrel Garth left Melbourne at an early age for Canberra the federal capital and stayed there till he was nineteen, when he left to drive around the UK in a beat up Austin with a boot full of books and a Silver Reed typewriter.Despite a wheel literally falling off the Austin, Garth survived to return to Australia and study at the University of Canberra After finishing his degree in 1986 he worked in a bookshop, then as a book publicist, a publisher s sales representative, and editor Along the way he was also a part time soldier in the Australian Army Reserve, serving in an Assault Pioneer platoon for four years Garth left publishing to work as a public relations and marketing consultant from 1994 1997, till he became a full time writer in 1998 He did that for a year before joining Curtis Brown Australia as a part time literary agent in 1999 In January 2002 Garth went back to dedicated writer again, despite his belief that full time writing explains the strange behaviour of many authors.He now lives in Sydney with his wife, two sons and lots of books.

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    1. If you've read my reviews of the first five books of The Seventh Tower series, you'll know I love it and everything Garth Nix. So I'll skip all the geek-out moments and go right to my problems with THE VIOLET KEYSTONE and the series as a whole.Nix tried to paint a masterpiece without enough canvas. There ya go. He has created a BRILLIANT world with no room to explore. If I were to accept that, yes, this was written for small children, as a kind of "epic fantasy" scaled down for elementary grades [...]

    2. The final book of the Seventh Tower series. Ultimately, I didn't think this series was as good as Garth Nix's other work, but I thought it was a lot of fun to read, and I think it would make a good introduction to Nix's work, particularly for kids. It has interesting characters, who have faults and good sides, and several strong female characters who are active in the story and fully as capable as the male characters -- often more so. Plenty to interest kids regardless of gender: pacy and fun, w [...]

    3. The Violet Keystone: Or, What Just Happened aka The EndI honestly don't know what or why or how anything in this novel happened, but it did and now this series is over. Tal, Milla, Adras, Odris, and all the rest of the merry gang of Spiritshadows, Chosen, Icecarls, Underfolk, etc. etc. come together in their last battle to do something regarding a Veil and shadows and sunstones. Idk, y'all.Things are so convoluted and I still don't know how the rules of this world work. I still don't know how an [...]

    4. Ok, so this is the last book in the series. If you decide to read these books, and I hope you do, I recommend getting the combined volumes, rather than reading them one little book at a time. The continuity would have been nice. So the pros: The best thing about this book is that it is so Garth Nixish. The only way to describe it is realistically abstract. The characters are real. The society speaks to challenges in our own society. The setting is blissfully fictional. I really really really hop [...]

    5. Looking back at this series from some distance (it's months since I read this volume and years since I started the series) it feels very much like an author learning his trade; the contrast in writing quality between first and last volumes is large. Perhaps the best aspect of the series is the imagination on display, which certainly intimates what Nix would prove capable of in later works, particularly the Old Kingdom and Keys to the Kingdom seriesIS REVIEW HAS BEEN CURTAILED IN PROTEST AT ' CEN [...]

    6. The Violet Keystone was a stunning conclusion to the Seventh Tower series. I absolutely ADORED it!So many new revelations, exciting turns, and just overall amazing-ness. Full review to come soon.I'm 15, and I HIGHLY recommend this book.

    7. Clearly the best book of the series, this book had action, good pacing, strong characterization and growth, and a solid ending. I appreciated that the ending wasn't comprised of purely of sunshine and rainbows for a perfect happy ending, but of sacrifice, strong friendships and alliances that will work together to face upcoming trials in the new society. I just wish that after spending six books watching Tal work to reunite his family we could have seen them all together even once. The reader wa [...]

    8. Finally done! This was a mildly satisfying end to a roller coaster of a series. I think this one returned to what I had enjoyed about the first two books in the series: a focused Tal working with a determined Milla through astronomical odds. They finally have the enemy sitting in front of them and they put their all into fighting.It did feel pretty anticlimactic. I don't want to spoil the ending, but I feel it could have gone better. Many characters ended up having huge changes to their personal [...]

    9. The final instalment left a few questions unanswered but in a good way that lets you imagination fill in the blanks.

    10. This was the ending the series deserved! Non-stop action and a great resolution.For more reviews check us out at ReadingOverTheShoulder

    11. The Violet Keystone is the sixth and final book in The Seventh Tower series--a series says is written at a 4th grade reading level. It was a good conclusion to a well written series, but I have reservations about the series that might concern other Christian parents as well. (see below)I must admit when the first book in the series arrived, I was fairly certain it would be the last Seventh Tower book I would purchase. The cover on my copy is designed to catch the attention of the audience for w [...]

    12. I am in a state of disbelief right now there is nothing I can say that will make the ending any less painful. But it was majestic, the whole book had a sense of adventure and urgency that never seems to fail in these books. Both Milla and Tal are making their ways to the Violet Tower as Sushin and Sharrakor are ready to dismantle the Veil once and for all. Now as always I'm gonna start at the end and how awesome it was. The return to Aenir was a perfect way to end it though the disconnection of [...]

    13. I am not in the age range this series of books aimed at. But I was also not in the age range of the Abhorsen trilogy and I really enjoyed those books. So I thought I’d give The Seventh Tower a try. I enjoyed it, but it was written much more simply than Abhorsen was – more aimed at its demographic without hoping to also please older readers. And the plot was also simpler. It felt more by-the-numbers, like the author was going through all the correct steps to create a plot, without enough focu [...]

    14. The sixth book in the Seven Tower Series really did it for me. It was a perfect combination of the characters development, battles, and answers. I was so happy to have Ebbit be in this book so much. He's one of the most refreshing and original characters I've read in a long time. Milla and Tal finally meet together again and we find out the Sharrakor was really just possessing Sushin. I loved how the final battle included a bunch of characters and that Tal was finally able to become Emperor. It [...]

    15. One of the elements of writing in this genre that Nix is particularly gifted at is creating original fantasies and worlds. This series is no exception. However, in comparison to some of his other works, especially The Abhorsen Trilogy, the exploration of this world and the characters within is weak at best. The story is interesting because Nix presents the audience with a new mythology, but he rushes through the plot, circumnavigating what could be some really amazing explorations of the world h [...]

    16. Maybe I dropped out of the demographic of this series sometime 20 years ago and shouldn't review this from the point of view of an adult, but what the heck. Many children's/YA books are slim and lightweight enough to fit into my pocket without making it look like as if I were lining my jacket with roof tiles. Novels for grown-ups with similar dimensions commonly fall into the plague-pit of cheap Harlequin romance or other soppy, yawn-inducing, plotless pulp (feel free to correct me), which is ex [...]

    17. Younger me: 5 starsAdult me: 5 stars*For the first book in a "child/teen/middlegrade/nostalgic" book, I am going with the rating younger me would have gone with, then if I read on in the series, I will rate the books what adult me believes it should be rated. If the book is a stand alone, I will go with whatever rating I feel most comfortable giving the book. Please note, I do not really think books should have an age limit. People should read what they want to regardless of the intended age gro [...]

    18. Nervous it being the finale, wondering how everything comes together. Bet Tal is feeling deja vu what with climbing the tower again. This time he has Milla however. Except its a little different. It has to do with not only finding a certain keystone but finds out someone he was told was dead or presumed dead isn't. As to where they are, well let's just say its get a little awkward? Thus it leads to a big battle as Tal and his new friends fight to both his and Milla's world, along with his dying [...]

    19. Tal and Milla know what they have to do, but it seems impossible. They have to stop the shadows from taking over their world, but to do so they have to go to Aenir. The spirit world where they have the most power. Tal knows his heritage, Milla is still trying to accept her destiny. They have a lot to overcome and even more to overpower. Can they free their world from the shadows, and restore balance to the Castle.This is a fun series, I love Garth Nix and I can see where some of his other ideas [...]

    20. Re-reading back to this book has brought back some memories. I enjoy the relationship between Tal and Milla now they are together fighting in the 7th tower to finally unlock the mystery to sunstone and the different colors which represent the power its possess. It amazes to see the co-operation between the Icecarl and Tal as their races hated and resented each other for years because of the supposed superiority the sun people though they had. The ending was sad as Milla and Tal split because i w [...]

    21. Tal and Milla both grow in strength and power in their new roles and gain more control over their halves of the Violet Keystone. Milla battles the shadows and Uncle Ebbitt helps her, Malen and some others to get to the Seventh Tower in his own unique way. Tal and Crow also reach the Seventh Tower through more mundane and disgusting pathways. Together, Tal and Milla and the Stormshadows fight the final battle against Sharrakor, the evil shadow who had inhabited Sushin and tried to take down the V [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this series of Science Fiction books by Garth Nix, which are aimed at a juvenile/young adult audience. The author does a good job of creating new, unfamiliar but believable societies, including the privileged Castle dwellers known as the Chosen and the seemingly more primitive and clan-oriented Icecarls who live out in the frozen wilds of the Dark World. Throw in the magical world of Aenir from which Shadowguards and Spiritshadows are bound (enslaved?) to Chosen at age 13 1/2, a [...]

    23. This was one of my favorite book series when I was younger, and it introduced me to fan fiction. It is also one of my (nearly) complete series. The concept of a world without the sun is very interesting and refreshing. The main characters act as they, in their established backgrounds/societies, should. They also have very good character development. Though a little dark for a children's/middle grade book series, the vocabulary used and the qualities of the characters are still appropriate. The p [...]

    24. This was a very satisfying book to round out the series once I let myself get into the story once again. I was very impressed that Nix took us back to Aenir, a place I’ve wanted to explore more and more with every book. I also felt for the first time the expanse of Aenir as a place, and the mystery of the magic in that country. And I was also frustrated just a bit because the ending seemed so quick – all of a sudden things stopped and there was a quick explanation as to what happened next. I [...]

    25. I figure I would review the whole series on the last book. First of all, this could've been one book. At best two. I wasn't expecting to see how small each one was. But once again I am amazed by Garth Nix's style and imagination. He created some real characters that were once again whining and annoying. But he capture the essence of what young teenagers are when their world is turned upside down. The two heroes really get it together in the end when it really counts. A great end to a good series [...]

    26. Wow what an amazing series. I'm so gutted that It ends here. The final instalment ties up all of the loose ends and brings together the full cast of characters for one final battle. Everything about this series is just superb. From the brilliant characters, unique magic system, effective writing and what I think is a masterclass in world building. All of this just gives me even more reasons to love God Nix! 4 stars from me. :D

    27. Overall an enjoyable series of books, though I can't help but wish they were written for an older audience, and perhaps condensed into one larger book (which maybe would have cut out a few of the excess moments of mortal terror - it feels like nearly every chapter has it's own climax/cliff-hanger moment, which then gets resolved just in time for the next, which works well for reading aloud, but kind of kills the tension of the actual grand finale climax).

    28. I thought that this book was amazing and action packed and full of suspence you never now what is going to happen next and Tal, Milla, Adras, Odris all are ging to fight Sharraker and back to Aenir i liked this book because tals uncle was so wild and you could not possible know what he is going to say and what he deos do you could end up not comeing back, and you literally could not put the book down so you have to read these books.

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