Dare 2 Dream

Dare Dream When Aymee wakes each morning she s had yet another vivid dream Her night time visions are so sexually chaotic that when her eyes do open she can t separate those dreams from her reality and often b

  • Title: Dare 2 Dream
  • Author: Ashley S. Clancy
  • ISBN: 9781542898669
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Aymee wakes each morning, she s had yet another vivid dream Her night time visions are so sexually chaotic that when her eyes do open, she can t separate those dreams from her reality and often believes that they have actually taken place Usually, if someone else goes through the same thing, this feeling often fades after a few minutes but for Aymee, her situation gWhen Aymee wakes each morning, she s had yet another vivid dream Her night time visions are so sexually chaotic that when her eyes do open, she can t separate those dreams from her reality and often believes that they have actually taken place Usually, if someone else goes through the same thing, this feeling often fades after a few minutes but for Aymee, her situation gets worse the longer the day goes on.This is Aymee Grimes story, as her tormenting dreams threaten to destroy her loving relationship with boyfriend Cory This is her suffering, unable to work out if she s slept with her ex boyfriend behind his back or not Then the ultimate nightmare, as the love bite she dreams about unwillingly receiving, appears on her neck the very next morning.A fast paced psychological thriller, where a female dreads going to sleep, only to fear waking up .

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    • Dare 2 Dream : Ashley S. Clancy
      180 Ashley S. Clancy
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    About "Ashley S. Clancy"

    1. Ashley S. Clancy

      I want to become a writer on this site who reaches out to readers and reminds you just how important you are to an author s career It doesn t matter how good we think our writing is, without your support, we are nothing but a human being with an imagination Your thoughts, opinions, reviews good or bad really do make the difference, so I choose not to write about myself here Instead, thank all my friends and readers for their efforts For those of you that give me the chance to entertain you through my writing, I only hope I can justify the time you ve invested in me and deliver a book you really enjoy x

    857 thoughts on “Dare 2 Dream”

    1. This book fuc%ed with my head on so many different levels. It seriously had me guessing the whole time. One minute I thought I knew who and what was behind Aymee's dreams, the next I was talked out of it, only to go back a few chapters later. The sex scenes where great again, the idea was amazing for an Ashley book yet again. I really enjoyed it.

    2. Can anyone at the moment write a twist like Ashley-s-Clancy can? I think not and I'm so into her work!This one is about a girl having sexual dreams about an ex boyfriend and then a best friend's man. Those dreams are harmless, they then start to confuse her, then before long is strangely become her living world. You can't help but feel sorry for the lead during this read and you can't help but feel the dreams she's having. Every time you think you know what's about to happen, you don't!

    3. Wow, aren't dreams a scary thing when you read about them this way? Gripping, sexy and unpredictable at every turn.

    4. Ashley kindly gave me a copy of this book to review, as always it was hugely appreciated and I was really looking forward to getting stuck in!!This book is my least favourite of Ashley's so far and I feel really bad about saying that but I feel I have to be honest. It started well, I was really curious as to where these dreams were going to go and what the consequence was for the main characters real daily lives and it wasn't long before things started to go wrong. The pace of the novel was grea [...]

    5. Ashley's debut novel was quite a good book and actually lingered in my head a lot longer than I thought it would, so I give this one a try. Aymee seems like a normal woman but she's having these dreams that start to worry her. Although her dreams are quite sexual, this wouldn't have been the problem. The problem is her relationship with Cory. The only thing I didn't get about this book is why if she's in a new relationship with him, aren't they having the sex you would think a new couple would b [...]

    6. “Dare 2 Dream” is a fast paced erotic that plans to confuse readers to the core and keep you guessing. It did this perfectly.This is a book everyone should relate to because there shouldn't be a person on the planet who hasn't had a dream like this. However, without giving too much away about the story, it did leave me thinking - Can a person really talk you into having a dream like this? I guess it's possible, so this makes the book that little bit more intense. It's yet another complex Ash [...]

    7. I am already a fan of Ashley's writing, so I was expecting quite a lot before reading this book and she didn't disappoint me. There isn't as many twists in this one, but what it does really well is keep you guessing. Who is doing this to Aymee? Are her dreams real or not? Right up until the end, I just didn't have a clue.The main character Aymee is written perfectly. We are able to feel her frustration and heartbreak right through the book. Her ex boyfriend is written exceptionally well too, bec [...]

    8. Every time I read one of Ashley's books it feels as if I am going insane too. I never ever know where a book is going and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I can guarantee if you think you know how it's going to end, you are wrong. The whole book is a mind fuck and it's sooooo good, the amount of times I thought to my self 'what the fuck' and put my bets on different characters being at fault I was wrong again. The writing is faultless and I love how the story flows from thought to actual reality. It's writ [...]

    9. Expectations where really high reading the second Clancy book and I must admit I wasn't blown away by it. I don't know if it was because my expectations were so high or whether it was because i really enjoyed her first book, but i just couldn't connect with this one.The twists were yet again amazing and the characters were all well written. I guess what was lacking for me was the gore, I need a good old fashioned murder.

    10. This was the second Clancy book I've read and need I say it, an improvement. Although I enjoyed the Cure Hotel it was very dark in places. This book too saw dark and criminal things happening, yet it somehow didn't feel as sinister. Maybe I didn't connect with this book as much as I did the first one, but it kept me interested, I was always wanting to find out what was happening next. Another really good book from this new author.

    11. This book had so many twists and turns! I thought I had it figured out when I actually only had a part of it figured out. This was such a great book. It was a really quick read and I would've been done with it quicker if I hadn't been so busy and whatnot. Regardless, I'm happy I finished it and I love how it was written where we were just as confused as Aymee about whether they were dreams or not throughout the book.

    12. I am already a massive fan of this author and here's my first - - - - 5STAR RATING - - Ashley somehow brings fear, taboo and sex together then has a special way of making the reader feel it. I actually felt every single emotion this lead character had and I can't tell you how much I loved this book. The dreams I've had myself before, the dreams I'd love to have and the dreams that would scare me in the morning. Mind blowing plot - Wanted to read so much more

    13. Ashley has done it again! She is the queen of plot twists. You think you finally have your head around one twist and then bam! another one is thrown at you. It is truly a pleasure to read every book of Ashley's. I become so excited every time she sends me her latest book. I cannot wait to stay up all night reading your next one.

    14. Thank you again Ashley for another weird and wonderful crazy book another great story that keeps you guessing till the very end. It's always great to pick up a book that so different to others. Can't wait to see what you bring to us next.

    15. Lustful thoughts for an ex boyfriend, love bites appearing on her neck. Once again Ashley has delivered a book that kept me guessing until the very end. For me, it wasn't as dark as Concealed Anguish, but I still really enjoyed it.

    16. New Ashley books always make me feel excited to read, then really uncomfortable reading them, but it's that unease that i enjoy about her books. There isn't a writer out there like Ashley Clancy, because she writes and covers such dangerous subjects. This book was great, I really enjoyed it

    17. I find myself reading other books, then waiting for Ashley S.Clancy to come up with her next. I'm like really addicted to the way she writes her books. This book had a really great story and a good twist. I love all Ashley's three books so far, but this is now my favourite.

    18. It was a bit confusing at times knowing what was reality and what was dreams but it had a lot of plot twists which is always good

    19. Is it a dream or is it real???. Ashley has once again written a great book I mean The Cure Hotel her debut book I was like nothing can top this but Ashley just keeps hitting them out of the park. This book pulls you in from the first page and keeps you guessing and turned on all at the same time. Thanks Ashley

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