Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife

Ruthless Boss Hired Wife Cormac Douglas doesn t let emotion get in the way of business Now he needs a weekend wife to secure a prestigious contract and biddable secretary Lizzie Chandler is the perfect candidate Lizzie is ou

  • Title: Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife
  • Author: Kate Hewitt
  • ISBN: 9780373823604
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cormac Douglas doesn t let emotion get in the way of business Now he needs a weekend wife to secure a prestigious contract, and biddable secretary Lizzie Chandler is the perfect candidate.Lizzie is outraged, but Cormac s ruthless persuasion leaves her wanting When he asks for her services again, she finds herself agreeing to be his hired wife the bedroom as welCormac Douglas doesn t let emotion get in the way of business Now he needs a weekend wife to secure a prestigious contract, and biddable secretary Lizzie Chandler is the perfect candidate.Lizzie is outraged, but Cormac s ruthless persuasion leaves her wanting When he asks for her services again, she finds herself agreeing to be his hired wife the bedroom as well as the boardroom.

    • Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife by Kate Hewitt
      302 Kate Hewitt
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    1. Kate Hewitt

      Kate is the USA Today bsetselling author of over 60 books of women s fiction and romance She is the author of the Hartley by the Sea series, set in England s Lake District and published by Penguin She is also, under the name Katharine Swartz, the author of the Tales from Goswell books, a series of time slip novels set in the village of Goswell She likes to read romance, mystery, the occasional straight historical and angsty women s fiction she particularly enjoys reading about well drawn characters and avoids high concept plots.Having lived in both New York City and a tiny village on the windswept northwest coast of England, she now resides in a market town in Wales with her husband, five children, and an overly affectionate Golden Retriever.

    115 thoughts on “Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife”

    1. I hated the hero: He was cold, unfeeling, cruel, insulting to the heroine and extremely condescending. He would make disgusting comments to her like her bra size is too small for his preference and he kept putting down her wardrobe. I can't recall a single time he complimented her. He never even commended her for all the hard work she did. He was also a manipulative and opportunistic bastard who saw dollar signs everywhere and didn't care if he had to discard little things like integrity to get [...]

    2. I adore ruthless heroes and virginal heroines so I thought I would love this book. Sadly hero was an unfeeling cold bastard so he ruined the book for me.

    3. Where to start where, where, where?Well let's start with myself. I don't trust people very easily. I don't even like people! So those I consider my friends have to go through a long process where they have to: 1. Earn my trust. (Very important)2. Know that even though we have things in common, we all have our differences in personalities and behavior.3. Maintain that trust.4. Respect is highly valued.5. Don't fuck up, pardon me, destroy that trust. EVER! Now, with these already stated, you can i [...]

    4. I was originally going to give this more than three stars but then I read A Very Stylish Affair by Emma Darcy and found it unfair to give this book equal or more stars than to a better story.I say this because the female lead of this story irritated me to no end most of the time and some really quite serious issues were sort of shrugged off after one night. I think that Cormac's turn from ruthless to loving should have been more subtle, but instead we were kept in the dark and made to feel that [...]

    5. Es mi primer libro de esta autora. Está escrito normal, sin sobresaltos. Es una trama fácilmente olvidable, el protagonista llega a tildar de "patética" a la heroína y no una sino varias veces, la protagonista se enamora de un día para el otro aunque antes no hubiera "registrado" demasiado a su jefe. Al comienzo me fueron graciosas las réplicas de la prota, pero al avanzar su carácter se pierde. Fue aburridísima. Ella: soy virgen a los veintiocho años.Él: ah, mirá qué bien. Mirame la [...]

    6. Non riesco a terminarlo. Questa rilettura mi risulta ostica e indigesta. Lui finge di essere sposato con la sua segretaria, che ha praticamente costretto a seguirlo in un viaggio di lavoro. Ora lei vorrebbe tirarsi indietro, ma lui gioca l’arma della sorella per tenerla in squadra. Devono fingere di essere sposati per ottenere un contratto milionario. L’arroganza di lui e l’ingenuità di lei mi danno il voltastomaco, ugh!

    7. Kate Hewitt has written such a powerful love story in Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife. It’s so intense and almost desperate and will have the reader on the edge of their seat. The first half of the book was difficult to read because Cormac Douglas was so intense. He was one self-assured, ruthless, harsh, uncaring man and he had a plan; he was going to fake a marriage to his secretary Lizzie in order to win a prestigious bid to build a resort. The key was the family building the resort wanted a “fa [...]

    8. This one started okay, with a potentially explosive situation. But I wasn't convinced by it in the end. Lizzie was kind of one-note and repetitive to me, she didn't really grow and change much. She fooled herself/got fooled by Cormac so often that she skated dangerously close to Too Stupid to Live territory eventually. And in the end when she accepts that "oh this time it IS for real" I had to wonder, how can you be sure? She didn't seem to learn her lesson from all the times he played her and u [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book, maybe because the topic is a bit of a favourite of mine. I couldn't put it down, it's taken me a day to read. Basically, it would have taken me less time if real life like sleep, housework and eating hadn't got in the way!Basically the hero lures his secretary onto a plane to the Caribbean letting her think she's coming on business. She can't refuse on the plane, can she? To pretend to be his wife? And being a bit of a bastard has a few tricks up his sleeve so, no she [...]

    10. The heroine in this story is by far the most stupidest, most pathetic, spineless, needy, clingy and insecure numpty ever to grace the pages of a Mills & Boon book. I usually like KH's books so I was really disappointed in this one. The h spends most of the time lamenting the fact that he doesn't love her (he's an absolute kn*b and tells her repeatedly in the beginning that he will NEVER love anyone, yadda yadda) He lies to her repeatedly and everytime she is totally devastated and has a mini [...]

    11. Lu en français (Le mensonge d'un séducteur) - Deuxième histoire de l'anthologie Une nuit avec un patron irrésistibleLe couple formé par Lizzie et Cormack est l'un des pires couples de romance que j'ai lus jusqu'à présent. Séparés, ils sont tout aussi pourris: elle se laissant marcher sur les pieds par sa soeur et sans beaucoup de perspective d'avenir, lui un peu taré sur les bords et utilisant des méthodes très discutables dans les affaires. Ensemble c'est encore pire: elle une vraie [...]

    12. What a train-wreck of a story. Cormac is a psychopathic jerk and Lizzie is a 28-year-old naive virgin who wants to be loved so badly that she doesn't believe that anyone else would be interested in her other than the psychopathic jerk. He humiliates her and insults her time after time. He continues to use her for his own business gains and continually lies to her. Why does she continue to put up with him? The only reason I gave this book 2 stars rather than 2 was because I was glued to the story [...]

    13. Cormac is used to doing everything in his power to achieve what he wants. Use or be used is his motto, and he is NEVER used. When he is required to present a wife and prove he is a family man, the bachelor simple blackmails his secretary in to following his plans.Lizzie may be under duress in playing Cormac's wife. Finding out that he is using her feelings against her to win a contract is more than she can bear. Hoping that love can conquer all is a very unlikely senario.A very touching, sweet s [...]

    14. This is the 3rd book I read by this author and so far the heroes are so lovely that I'm left with this incredible urge to throw them of a cliff.The way they behave is so not attractive to me and I think you'll agree, unless you're into being hurt and humiliated by men until all that is left is emptiness.Really, I don't know why I keep trying. Definitely not recommended.

    15. This was AWFUL. I can forgive a lot in a HP title, but a hero who constantly demeans the heroine, engages in non-sexy blackmail, and then tries to seduce her to make the thing he's blackmailing her into doing look more believable is apparently a bridge too farFUL.

    16. Very emotional and slightly disturbing. The hero is a nasty piece of work for the whole book, except the last couple of pages. And they both go on about how pathetic and needy the heroine is. She really is. A lot of introspection from the heroine which I've come to expect from this author.

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