Havoc Havoc is the first installment of a three part serial each approximately words pages Selene Michaels is determined to never let anyone make her feel inferior again After a painful divorce

  • Title: Havoc
  • Author: Autumn Grey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Havoc is the first installment of a three part serial, each approximately 36000 words 110 pages Selene Michaels is determined to never let anyone make her feel inferior again After a painful divorce, she finds herself in Paris on a working holiday, hopeful that this will be the opportunity she has been waiting for She intends to have fun and maybe find someone to Havoc is the first installment of a three part serial, each approximately 36000 words 110 pages Selene Michaels is determined to never let anyone make her feel inferior again After a painful divorce, she finds herself in Paris on a working holiday, hopeful that this will be the opportunity she has been waiting for She intends to have fun and maybe find someone to flirt with someone who will show her a good time, treat her right, and awaken her to all she has been missing What she does not expect to find is Remington St Germain and his adorable son, Adrien Remington is intense, devastatingly hot and a Prince Charming on the outside, but a dirty talking, insatiable devil behind closed doors the opposite of the man she has been hoping for and not the type to give up on something that he wants Selene soon realizes that life with Remington is not only interesting, but adventurous It s dangerous, and she s about to find out how dangerous if she is brave enough to take a chance Reading Order Havoc Havoc 1 Obliterate Havoc 2 Mend Havoc 3

    • Havoc : Autumn Grey
      289 Autumn Grey
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    1. 4 "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE REMINGTON ST. GERMAIN" STARS. Selene Michaels, after a painful divorce, is starting to love herself, curves and all, again.Deciding to get her life back, Selene took a trip to Paris where she expected to have a little "fun", but what she did not expect was to meet Remington St. Germain and his adorable son, Adrien.Remington, sweet Jeezuss, he was perfection. Yup, a total alpha male. He had you up and down with his different moods, always keep me wondering what [...]

    2. Havoc gets your emotions pumping from the first page, and then keeps them pumped on a steamy hot romance rollercoaster with Selene and Remington. Autumn Grey had my blood boiling with Selene’s ex-husband, James. I did not like this man. I mean, really, how low can a man go? I'll not give any spoilers so you, the reader, can have the pleasure of wanting to dislike this man for yourself. But it's hard for me not to bash on some man-hater stuff right now! I so love and admire Selene, she gets her [...]

    3. ★ Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review ★ THANK YOU!!MY RATING ☆☆☆☆ Havoc (Havoc #1) by Autumn Grey4 Mr.Tall, Hot and Brooding StarsThis book surprised me on so many levels, first off I was told this was a paranormal book so imagine me never having read that genre before sitting there devouring this wondering when all the freaky shit was going to hit me full frontal, got to the end and I can still say my paranormal cherry is still intactI really e [...]

    4. Overall rating: 4 "Ma Belle" stars!Triggers: Cheating: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ Nope. The heroine got divorced 19 months prior to the start of the book (after the prologue) and the hero lost his wife several years ago. He was NOT a manwhore and I'll provide a spoiler quote to give you some insight to what kind of man he was (view spoiler)[ I wasn't the kind of person who slept with women just for the fun of i [...]

    5. WARNING! Be prepared to purchase book 2 immediately! This book booked me right off the bat and I'm not stopping until I'm done with this series!

    6. REMINGTON REMINGTON REMINGTON! I need more Remington! Such a beautiful sexy intriguing book, I have been saving this treasure as I knew that being by Autumn Grey it would be a true gem. And I'm so glad I did, even though I'm now kicking myself for not reading it sooner. It was absolute PERFECTION. The sexual tension was off the charts, as well as the SUSPENSE! So so so good! LOVED IT, already deep into book two! I'm so in love with these characters! Both of them, all of them!

    7. Havocby Autumn Grey is the story of a beautiful woman, picking up her life and putting it back together again after her toad of a husband dumps her for another. Little did she know that resuming her modeling career in Paris while contemplating a temporary fling would place her directly in the path of her own Prince Charming.Selene is like a deer in the headlights as she comes face to face with a man who oozes power, sensuality and charisma. Okay, so at first glance it was his eyes, his build and [...]

    8. I was given an ARC for an honest reviewHOWEVER, I 1-clicked it as soon as I finished. I had to OWN it. :)I love dark erotic reads much so, that I have forgotten how much I love reading a really good love story. Havocis is a great love story. Webster's Dictionary defines havoc as: noun 1. great destruction or devastation; ruinous damage.This book reeks havoc on your heart, your mind, your soulAutumn Grey's debut novel is a must read. What starts out as a deal for pleasure for a few months, seems [...]

    9. 5 HOT HOT STARSFirst of all PARIS.!!! The only place i wish to visit once in my lifetime!I was very much interested to read this book when i came to know that its set in Paris. I was hooked upon it from the very first page. This book is a complete package I mean really a complete compact powerful package of Romance, Steamy chemistry, mystery, a dashing dirty mouth hero and a strong heroine with all those emotions weaving through.Remington!!! Oh that hot hot man ! I couldn't get enough of him. "N [...]

    10. Five OMG!!! Stars!!!! I loved this book!! Love Remington St. Germaine and ALL HIS SEXINESS!! He's 100% alpha and cocky!!!! I love Selene and how confident she is of her body!! Not everyone is a size 2 so it felt refreshing to read that she wasn't !!I'm jumping straight into the second book!!!

    11. OhFirst Warning: I was given this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review, and honesty is what I do. Second Warning: This is a novella, which is part one of three so my review might be a little different Song Choice: "I'll Be Waiting" by Adele (no i am not being funny - read the book you will get it ;) ), "Sideways" by Citizen Cope First thoughts: Autumn Grey writes amazingly elegant characters, they are refined, gorgeous, raw and utterly amazing. They pull you into their story and demand to [...]

    12. Wow! Holy smokes! This story might have been quick but it was not at all lacking and packed a serious punch. I was hooked upon that initial heated meeting of the seductive Selene and full-on sexiness that was Remington. Those two have a chemistry like you would not believe and with them, sparks don't just fly, those two catch fire!"She'd caught me off guard and I was in a state of havoc, caught between lust and attraction for her, and my past." Sigh.oh, Remington."You're a dangerous man, Remingt [...]

    13. The beginning of an amazing series revolving around Selene Michaels and Remington Germaine. I was immediately pulled in to their story. The sexual chemistry, undeniable attraction and playful/naughty banter between them is wonderful. Selene is recently off a tough divorce and is in Paris for work. She is referred to as a plus size model but that being said she is a beautiful size twelve. She is sassy, smart, beautiful on the inside and out and is determined not to be a plaything for any man! Rem [...]

    14. Havoc is a nice mix of second-chance love, steam, and suspense. And I thrilled at meeting Selene and Remington. I'm anxious to continue their story!Both Selene and Remington are scarred souls. Selene is piecing her life back together, trying to regain the confidence she once had. She's also reclaiming the career she let go and is in Paris for a new campaign launch. Remington is mysterious and sends mixed signals to Selene in the beginning. But he's an artist and a gorgeous single-dad, so he's br [...]

    15. Интересное начало. Я ждала напряженного любовного романа с интригами и тайнамии где-то с середины все уходит в банальщину :/ Пол романа прожигали друг друга взглядами, она модель - только развелась с мужем, вся такая разбирая, только собрала свою жизнь в кулак, сразу вернула [...]

    16. I did not realize when I started this that it was a cliffhanger I don't really feel any connection to either of the mcs, so idk if I'm going to finish this series.

    17. 5 deliciously HOT stars!!This book just joined the list of my all time favourites. Remington St. Germain Mr Tall, Sexy and knock your socks off, SIGH I loved every thing about this broody hunk of a man, take no prisoners, mysterious, sweet , bad arse artist. it was so good to read a book where the characters loved food and weren't skinny twigs complaining about losing weight and the sex is sooo HOT when it came down to the sex this book does not beat around the bush with words like down there an [...]

    18. I had never heard of the author before this book was recommended to me but I will tell you that Autumn Grey has written one really great intriguing story. Our heroine, Selene, A plus size model, is in Paris for three months on business. She is recovering from a divorce and the loss of her child. She is in Paris for some peace and some adventure and that's just what she gets when she meets up with Remington St. Germaine, the sexy single father of a son, Adrien. He is taken with Selene at first si [...]

    19. Sometimes books grab you and just don't let go and this is one of them. The prologue is so full of emotion, you feel Selene's confusion, her pain, her despair and her heartbreak, how is she going to recover and get through what her life has become, I loved how the story takes time to develop, there is no quick recovery, no jumping into bed with men to dull her pain but time and family to help heal the pain. When on a trip to Paris she meets the mysterious and enigmatic Remington St Germain, the [...]

    20. Wow!! Talk about a great read!! That is exactly what this is!! The instant attraction Selene & Remington has sizzles right off the pages! This book had me hooked from the 1st page!! I can't wait to read more of Autumn Grey's work!! Definitely A must read!!

    21. This is one story that I would highly recommend because you will not put it down. Selene and Remington will have you fanning yourself and wanting more

    22. Beta read. I really enjoyed this book. I love Remington. Good plot, well-written characters. Definitely recommended xxx

    23. Really enjoyed this book. Great chemistry between Selene and Remington. Beautiful and romantic setting. A touch of intrigue and mystery, and I'm glad that the second book is out. ;-)

    24. Reading as part of a box set. Remington St Germain, sought after bachelor, father & single dad, known artist & painter, hotel owner & French. oh la la Selene; a plus size model, broken from a failed marriage. Visiting France for modelling work she's trying to get her life back after a year of counselling. Insta love/lust Remington persues Selene from the first moment he see's her. The chemistry with Selene and Remington is off the charts and the scenes erotic. Havoc is the first book [...]

    25. 4.5 stars! Remy Remy Remy *-*Que cambio el que la protagonista sea una curvilínea segura de sí misma. Con problemas sí, pero fuerte e independiente. Amé a Selene. Amé que este sea el primer libro de Autumn y me haya tenido tan pegada a la historia. Y es que la química entre los dos personajes la puedes hasta palpar. Sin duda, seguiré leyendo más de la historia y más de Autumn quien fácilmente se ha convertido en una de mis autoras favoritas.

    26. After seeing this series with the pretty covers on Bookworm Brandee her blog a few times, I finally decided to buy the first book once I won an amazon gift card. Unfortunately while it is a nice book it just wasn't for me. Or maybe it was my mood, I am not sure exactly why, but I just couldn't connect to the book. The story didn't come alive for me, it just felt a bit flat and everything could've used a bit more depth. They are in Paris, but I never felt like I was there, there are no descriptio [...]

    27. Havoc by Autumn Grey is the first novel in a three part series and it is one hell of an opening book! Autumn Grey has taken a brilliant storyline and created three loveable amazing characters whom by the end of the novel own your heart, especially Adrien. Easily enthralled by the power of the world she has created, a small slice of France; Selene Michaels makes her way there to truly move on from her Divorce only to meet the enigmatic Remington St. Germain and his son Adrien who is the cutest li [...]

    28. 2 lukewarm stars Another book that was a huge disappointment, especially given the average 4.3 stars.Not only is the writing average, contrite, lacking good syntax, the plot is so full of clichés, so uneventful and even the sex scenes were really unimaginative and not sexy at all, despite the author's poor attempts at building excitement by postponing the unavoidable sex scenes until the 80% of the book. Remington St Germain was supposed to be sexy and mysterious etc, but in my opinion, the onl [...]

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