Freakn' Cougar

Freakn Cougar Forget taming their cougar These young studs want her as is even if she scratches Someone s killing shifters in prison and Patricia needs help catching the culprit The cougar enlists the help of Stu

  • Title: Freakn' Cougar
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • ISBN: 9781927459461
  • Page: 133
  • Format: ebook
  • Forget taming their cougar These young studs want her as is, even if she scratches.Someone s killing shifters in prison, and Patricia needs help catching the culprit The cougar enlists the help of Stu and Ricky, a techno geek and a reformed criminal, a mismatched pair, who turn out to also be her mates But Patricia s already loved and lost one man Does she dare allow hForget taming their cougar These young studs want her as is, even if she scratches.Someone s killing shifters in prison, and Patricia needs help catching the culprit The cougar enlists the help of Stu and Ricky, a techno geek and a reformed criminal, a mismatched pair, who turn out to also be her mates But Patricia s already loved and lost one man Does she dare allow herself to care again Older isn t just wiser, it s sexier, or at least that s what a socially challenged wolf and a bad boy panther think Forced to work together to catch a killer, Stu and Ricky soon find out they ll have to learn to do than tolerate each other when they realize a hot, almost forty cougar is their mate Can they find a way to work together and make their cougar purr

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      New York Times and USA Today Bestselling AuthorHello, my name is Eve Langlais and I am an International Bestselling author who loves to write hot romance, usually with werewolves, cyborgs or aliens.I should warn you, I have a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing While well known for my shifter stories, I am also extremely partial to aliens, the kind who like to abduct humans and then drive them insanewith pleasure Or do you like something a little darker, serious Then check out my cyborgs whose battle with humanity have captivated readers worldwide.If you d like to know , read some excerpts or find out what I m working on, then please visit me at EveLanglais or sign up for my newsletter at evelanglais newrelease I am also extremely active on Facebook facebook evenglais.98

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    1. Stu Grayson has tortured the others in his lupine family who have found their mates and had to share in menage relationships. No worries for him though as Stu lives at home and his 'dates' consist of playing World Of Warcraft with his friends.What is they say? oh ya. Karma's a b*tch when Patricia Delicia, female police officer who happens to be a shape shifter herself, shows up to arrest Stu during the wkly family Sunday dinner and he discovers that she's his mate. Stu can handle that until he's [...]

    2. Favorite Lines “Caring for someone means hurting if you lose them.”“First off, his ass was not fat. Secondly, playing a role or not, touching of said ass was going a tad too far.”“Then fate is an even crueler bitch than I gave her credit for.”“The bafflement on his face when she managed to get him to wear the hand-knitted wool sweater—blue and green with a big majestic moose on the chest—was priceless.”MEOW I WANT TO BE A COUGAR so I can have a panther AND a wolf! Patricia, R [...]

    3. Ahhh Langlais and her crazy shifery goodness. The woman is just brilliant and always puts together a fun read that's unexpected and entertaining as hell. They're always a bit quirky, funny and just flat out sexy. And Freakn' Cougar--an older shifter heroine and her two younger shifter heroes definitely entertained as they set out to hunt down a serial killer praying on incarcerated shifters. And, maybe, get a little nekkid fun time squeezed in along the way too.The quick of it is that Stu and Ri [...]

    4. Freakn' Cougar is a nice addition to the series. I always look forward to reading Ms.Langlais books. They are stories that are enjoyable, sexy and don’t take themselves too seriously. They are fun and entertaining. They always bring a smile to my face. We have someone killing shifters in prison, and Patricia needs help catching the culprit. The cougar enlists the help of Stu and Ricky, a techno geek and a reformed criminal, a mismatched pair, who turn out to also be her mates.Stu and Ricky nee [...]

    5. Freakn' Cougar is another of Eve Langlais' goodies! It's fun, exciting, unpredictable and entertaining to the very end. Definitely a story all Eve fans and many fans of the genre will enjoy their time spent with :)Stu is your everyday, run of the mill geek who is also a shifter. He's not veryexperienced in the ladies department. He actually has a very hard time with saying or doing anything right in the presence of a good looking female. That's until he meets PatriciaPatricia is all about work. [...]

    6. When Patricia shows up at Stu's house and braves his family, only to inform him he is under arrest, he knows he could never find a better mate. The arrest part is a crink but he can deal with it, once he realizes it is undercover. Stu proudly saw himself as a geek, but this is a chance is a way to show his mate how manly wolf he is. Of course he didn't realize he had to be paired with Ricky, a panther who has bad boy all over his badass self and when Ricky informs Stu that Patricia is his mate, [...]

    7. I really liked the idea of the older womand two male shifters. Ms. Langlais has a knack of writing some serious stuff offset with some great belly laughs. Freakn' Cougar carries on that kind of fun.Stu has tortured his family when mates have been found and now it's his turn, well, if he can convince Patricia that she does belong with him. Of course, Ricky seems to think she's HIS. Let the fun begin!There's some mystery here as the three search for a shifter killer in the prison system. Some tens [...]

    8. This one I felt was a bit nice but kinda fast.- I loved how the hero's were pretending to be lovers it was hilarious as hell XD - I loved how the heroine was with both or either of them XD- When I read the name of the book and saw the cover I wasn't interested much since I don't like much a coupling with an older woman but this book gave cougar a different meaning well a literal meaning really XD- I liked how the nerdy hero was around the heroine and the other hero he wasn't timid or have low se [...]

    9. Stuär en nördig shifter utan mycket erfarenhet av kvinnor. Han blir mer generad och vet inte vad han ska säga i deras närvaro. Tills han möter Patricia.Patricia är en arbetsnarkoman. Hon förlorade sin mate för några år sedan och låter sig själv inte möta någon ny. Ricky är the bad boy som blivit laglig. Båda männen är hennes mate och nu måste de alla komma till sans om det.

    10. Patricia can´t believe her inner cougar when she claims that she´s in the presence of not one, but two mates! Both young, one cougar and the other a wolf, and both supposed to help her in an undercover mission to frame a shifter serial killer.Smutty fluff, shifters and action in a great combo, love this series!

    11. Once again another great crazy read from Ms Langlais.Techno geek Stu has taken the mickey out of his family that have ménage relationships. Not happening to him, uh huh, no way.A bit of a mystery, lots of humour and two hot guys who had me laughing out loud at their antics in prison.I really enjoyed these three characters, they were each so different but managed to make things work as a ménage.Patricia is an older woman, a tough law enforcement agent that's still dealing with the loss of her m [...]

    12. 3.5 stars.Funny but I don't like how it was a quick epiphany and she was cool with mating them. I would have preferred she grew to like them and that's what changed her mind, but in he end she left them and saw a picture of her dead Mate and moved on from that. Which I understand it, I would have just liked her to have it be from feelings growing more and more, maybe if it was longer it could have happened, but yeah.

    13. 3.5 stars, would have been 4 but I did not connect to the h. She seemed hard and miserable. I did like the Hs, they were so different to each other. I would have loved to see an unexpected attraction between them once they romanced the h, but it was still good. The mystery was intriguing just a little drawn out, without much action. Overall a good read.

    14. Very happy reader!I enjoyed this book. It is well written and preformed. These characters we some of my favorite, they worked so well together and are very good fit. This storyline was one of the most unique of this series. The storyline was nicely paced. I loved the audio option.

    15. Another good one in the series. I think it was a little weaker than the others, but still fun. I listened to the audio and Tillie Hooper's narration was very good.

    16. 3.5-4 starsThis was a pretty good story. I liked Stu, Ricky and Patricia and their story was enjoyable.Patricia is a cougar shifter. She was mated years ago but lost her mate, now just living her life as best she can, never expecting to find someone else to share her life. Patricia works for the shifter authorities and when they find out that someone has been killing shifters that are in prison. Patricia is put in charge of an undercover operation at a prison that hasn't been hit yet, hoping to [...]

    17. Ok, so yes our heroine is a cougar - as in she turns into one - but I never really pictured as a cougar in the older woman type of way. She just didn't seem that much older than the guys, unless someone was specifically mentioning it (which was kind of awkward). The image on the cover also makes her look much older than she is in the book.The awkward reminders of the age difference aside, this was a pretty exciting story. A mismatched group of shifters sent undercover to a prison to try and catc [...]

    18. I admit it – I was a latecomer to the awesomesauce that is a story by Eve Langlais. Freakn’ Cougar is the first of her Freakn’ Shifters series that I have read, but it won’t be the last. But, I am quickly catching up to all the fun contained in the pages. Someone is responsible for killing shifters: not the truly bad ones that have gone rogue and were not dealt with via the council, but ordinary criminals. Found dead in their cells, with little to no evidence. While the police and the sh [...]

    19. I have to say that unlike the other book in the series the cover put me off a bit, yes I get that she was a cougar, in both shifter and age sense but, having now read the book cannot help but feel it does not, for me anyway, resemble the female lead contained within the pages. Yes she is older but in the book she is described as being late 30’s being able to pass for an easy mid 30’s.Anyway, now we have my issues with the cover out the way to the story itself. I’m not sure why but I just c [...]

    20. I freaking loved this book!! I have read all the books in this series so I have high expectations but Eve blow them out of the water. It has her trademark sarcastic humor but it was even better this time. I think I gave my abs a mini workout from laughing so hard. I loved the plot as well as the all the sexual tension oozing from the characters. I think this might be the best in the series so far or at least tie for first place. Patricia is was a great heroine. She was funny and gave the men lot [...]

    21. The most recent addition to Freakn' Shifters, continues with all the delightful unique characters, sex scenes, and underlying action-oriented plotlines of the rest of the series.We meet Stu, another of the Grayson wolves, the quiet, shy one who can smack-down and survive just like the rest of this family. His earnestness breaks my heart. And we get to see Patrica, the agent from "Already Freakn' Married" - I had hoped to see her again. The other male in the mating fever menage is the never tame [...]

    22. Law enforcer and cougar shifter Patricia has an impossible case to crack. And it's not finding out who's killing shifters in prison. It's fate, who after already having loved and lost her mate a few years before, thought it would be cruel to not only find her another mate, but two! She shouldn't be so attracted to the two younger shifters. She loved her mate with all her heart, how can she love again? Stu is the ultimate geek. He'd rather spend his time playing WoW or hacking computers than play [...]

    23. Patricia has lost her mate, and now she's feeling the pull to not one but two men. Complicated enough as it is, but their on the trail of a killer and there's no time to sort through her feelings for these two men while their in prison posing as inmates and she's posing as a guard.Stu is shocked when he realizes the sexy cogur 10 years his senior is his mate and even more so when he realizes the arrogant tatted meat head he's supposed to be working with is also her mate. Will his quite submisive [...]

    24. One thing you can count on is Eve delivering a great ménage story. Heck, I love her ménages so much she could writes these stories all freaking day and I would make sure I was planted right in front of her with my hands out ready to gobble up the next one. LOLFreakin’ Cougar is a bit different than other books by Eve. You still get the same great snarky, humorous storylines but this time around you get a real Cougar lady (meaning older lady with a much younger man) in the mix and the setting [...]

    25. I thought that this book was okay.To me, it took a while for the story to pick up. About 3/4 of the book was about the Cougar fighting her natural instinct of mates because she lost her first mate. He died. So, to keep his memory and not feel like she was betraying him she fought her mates, a wolf and a feline. Polar opposites in mates was a nice twist. I like that one is hard and the other is a geek.Finally, after 3/4 of the book the action happens. I would have to say that the end of the book [...]

    26. 4 out of 5What a fun read! This was my first book from Eve Langlais, but the sixth book in the Freakn’ Shifters series and I will be one-clicking my way through the other five books pronto. Stu, Ricky and Patricia not only had great chemistry together, but their banter was funny. The dialogue and interactions in Freakn’ Cougar are very realistic and entertaining. Since this wasn’t a very long read, I devoured this one in less than 3 hours. And while I tend to like the big Alpha males, Stu [...]

    27. Patricia Stu RickyOk this might be bad of me to say but Stu didn’t even register to me as one of the brothers. Not even when he was saying how he was. I felt bad that I missed him in all the craziness. But I am so very glad we got to read his story. I loved that he was the geeky kind of brother yet get him in a head lock and watch his claws come out. He can hold his own. Which he needs to with Mr. Macho that’s what I have been calling Ricky he likes to throw his weight around and I think it [...]

    28. Yeah. I didn't like Ricky. I wanted to hit him every single time he called her "bébé" or, you know, every time he opened his mouth. It was annoying as hell. And I like confident. Cocky? Pushy? Arrogant? Not so much. Of course Patricia's own willingness to go with whatever he said made me want to hit her too. Was Stu the only sane one? Wanting to give her time and letting her make her own decisions? It appeared soShe started pretty good trying to stave Ricky off but then completely derailed out [...]

    29. The sixth book in the Freakn’ Shifters series is an intriguing erotic romance with two sexy shifters. The author has created a fantastic world of shifters that captures the imagination and that sizzles with passion. I love how she has the shifters interacting in the human world but they remain hidden and I was very impressed that she took two totally different personalities and immersed them in the story adding depth and spice to the romance. I haven’t read the rest of the series yet, but I [...]

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