Christmas at Fairacre

Christmas at Fairacre Have a happy Christmas in the English countryside with a volume of three heartwarming holiday tales from Miss Read As frost sparkles on cottage roofs and smoke rises from chimneys the English village

  • Title: Christmas at Fairacre
  • Author: Miss Read
  • ISBN: 9780618918102
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Have a happy Christmas in the English countryside with a volume of three heartwarming holiday tales from Miss Read.As frost sparkles on cottage roofs and smoke rises from chimneys, the English village of Fairacre is a perfect vision of Christmas joy but even in this cozy community, celebrations of the season do not always go as expected In this enchanting holiday collecHave a happy Christmas in the English countryside with a volume of three heartwarming holiday tales from Miss Read.As frost sparkles on cottage roofs and smoke rises from chimneys, the English village of Fairacre is a perfect vision of Christmas joy but even in this cozy community, celebrations of the season do not always go as expected In this enchanting holiday collection, Miss Read shares three of her most beloved and memorable Christmas tales.In Village Christmas, the Emery family is preparing to celebrate their first Christmas in Fairacre, having moved from London just three months before, and to welcome the birth of their fourth child When the unexpected happens on Christmas morning, their new neighbors, the elderly Waters sisters, are fortunately nearby to lend a hand.The Christmas Mouse takes us to the nearby village of Caxley Mrs Berry has just finished her Christmas Eve preparations when a winter storm brings two visitors seeking refuge to her hospitable home Their chance encounter will make this an unforgettable Christmas for them all.In No Holly for Miss Quinn, a family emergency disrupts Miss Quinn s plans for a quiet and fuss free holiday She agrees to look after her brother s three young children while their mother is ill and soon finds herself swept away by holiday traditions, the infectious enthusiasm of the children, and the surprising arrival of someone from her past.For uplifting reading, no one rivals Miss Read Her delightful Christmas tales brim with good cheer and the spirit of Christmas itself.

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    About "Miss Read"

    1. Miss Read

      Dora Jessie Saint MBE n e Shafe born 17 April 1913 , best known by the pen name Miss Read, was an English novelist, by profession a schoolmistress Her pseudonym was derived from her mother s maiden name She began writing for several journals after World War II and worked as a scriptwriter for the BBC.She wrote a series of novels from 1955 to 1996 Her work centred on two fictional English villages, Fairacre and Thrush Green The principal character in the Fairacre books, Miss Read , is an unmarried schoolteacher in a small village school, an acerbic and yet compassionate observer of village life Miss Read s novels are wry regional social comedies, laced with gentle humour and subtle social commentary Miss Read is also a keen observer of nature and the changing seasons In 1940 she married her now late husband, Douglas, a former headmaster The couple have a daughter, Jill.Her most direct influence is from Jane Austen, although her work also bears similarities to the social comedies of manners written in the 1920s and 1930s, and in particular the work of Barbara Pym Miss Read s work has influenced a number of writers in her own turn, including the American writer Jan Karon The musician Enya has a track on her Watermark album named after the book Miss Clare Remembers, and one on her Shepherd Moons album named after No Holly for Miss Quinn.In 1996 she retired In 1998 she was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire for her services to literature She lives in Berkshire.

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    1. WEEKLY CHRISTMAS READ FOR DECEMBERThis was my first "Miss Read" book, and it continues to rank at the top of the series. You can still spend Christmas in some small villages in England and enjoy the smell of fires burning in cozy fireplaces, walking down wooded lanes, listening to choirs sing, drinking hot spiced rum, trying to warm up as the chill envelopes meor you can also get all that by reading this treasure.The characters are from a bygone era which is why it is so easy to love this book. [...]

    2. Oh how I loved this book! This was my first time reading Miss Read (pen name obviously) and it most certainly is not the last. Christmas at Fairacre is a compilation of three Christmas stories: Village Christmas, The Christmas Mouse and No Holly For Miss Quinn. This is not my first time reading a book of short stories but it is the first time I loved all of them equally. The stories are somewhat old fashioned at times (written in the 1960s and 1970s) but other times they mirror current times. Ea [...]

    3. This is the Christmas book I've been waiting for. One might question why I've been waiting given that it's been in print for several decades. And the answer of course is that this is yet another authour of which I knew nothing till I took my first faltering steps into the blog world. If the rest of the books in her Fairacre series and her Thrush Green series are anything like this one, then Miss Read will be one of the best discoveries I've ever made.This books reminds me of Anne of Green Gables [...]

    4. 5 stars are reserved for absolutely perfect novels, but this comes pretty darned close. So glad I discovered Miss Read, especially for this Christmas book! Adding it to my collection to be re-read and enjoyed again and again. Reminded me of Maeve Binchy in her style, and character development, and the "little details" inserted throughout the story. I will be looking forward to another visit to the folks in Fairacre.

    5. The perfect reading companion for the Christmas season. Warmly written, lyrical and descriptive. I could almost feel the warmth of the fireplace, hear the howl of the wind. And the warm-and-fuzzy feelings it generates really wonderful for the season.

    6. It had been around five years since I first read this - I'm so pleased to say that the re-read didn't disappoint! The Christmas Mouse is still my favorite.

    7. No Holly for Miss QuinnOrganised, introverted Personal Assistant Miriam Quinn is perfectly content with her busy job and quiet home life in a rented corner of the idyllic cottage of sixtysomething widow Joan Benson, Holly Lodge, set in a large, beautiful garden and on the outskirts of Heaven On Earth, your stereotypical tiny-old-fashioned-countryside-English-village, Fairacre. She's peacefully made plans to decorate her lounge over Christmas - but then her vicar brother rings up with the news th [...]

    8. Fairacre celebrates Christmas traditionally. Children eagerly hang up their stockings, families attend Church, and everyone enjoys Christmas specialities from the laden table. And yet, often, in spite of meticulous planning, the unexpected happens. "Unforgettable characters, enchanting stories and festive cheer."Three gentle, warm tales which revolve around Christmas in the fictional village of Fairacre in the Costswold hills of England are contained in this book. Quiet people, with quiet lives, [...]

    9. I listened to these on CD and they are two sweet Christmas based stories with messages. The first story: The Christmas Mouse - the arrival of a mouse in the house on Christmas Eve leads to a meeting between an old lady and a very young boy who breaks into her home. Their all night discussion leads to growth in both their lives making them both better people. Another part of the story is that there is a time to mourn and then there is a time to go forward with life, each of us having to decide wh [...]

    10. I decided to pull out a few Christmas-themed novels this week. This is really 3 short novellas from Miss Read so it adds to her village stories set in the quiet Cotswold hills.These are gentle, cosy stories, centered on the small events of daily life. This volume includes A Village Christmas: 2 spinsters sisters find themselves pitching in to help a chaotic family with a Christmas addition; The Christmas Mouse: an unexpected Christmas Eve visitor to the household of a mother and daughter (both w [...]

    11. This book jumped out at me on Christmas Eve in a book store. It looks like a fun read over the Christmas holidays, specially as it's so so cold here in England with freezing temps, and sheet ice on the pavements! This is the ideal time to read holiday books. This book looks like it's based in England in The Cotswolds, which is so beautiful!!Cannot wait to read it!!!!This is a wonderful 'feel good' book, I personally loved it's rural life in green and leafy Oxfordshire. This book is of a very sma [...]

    12. Actually I would give this 3.5 stars Miss Read evokes the setting of the imaginary village of Fairacre so well you can easily feel you are there. The characters have depth and are charming, their style of interaction, conversation and manners come from a different era that rings true at every turn of the page. A lovely, quaint picture of winter and Christmases past. I enjoyed her writing style.The three stories are mostly low key and fairly predictable as this type of story goes so they just mis [...]

    13. It was a pleasure to reread the three novellas collected here. It's hard to top Miss Read for either the elegance of her prose or the acuity of her insight into character. And yet, I'd say the first two stories suffer from a familiar sense of uplift--a baby is born on Christmas Eve, an old heart opens up; some visitors from a Xmas storm find not only refuge but love. Etc. But the third tale, "No Holly for Miss Quinn", is the least sentimental and most moving Christmas story I have ever read. It [...]

    14. A collection of three Christmas novellas set in Fairacre and neighboring Caxley. Miss Read herself is not in any of the stories, but there are a few other familiar faces. I love the illustrations for this series and I dearly loved that an illustration of the vicar included his dreadful leopard-spot gloves, even though they weren't mentioned in the text. My favorite story was the last one, "No Holly for Miss Quinn," but all three together provide a lovely cozy Christmas in the English countryside [...]

    15. 2.5 stars. While not as saccharine as some Christmas-themed cozies, it did get a bit preachy--especially the Christmas Mouse. No Holly for Miss Quinn did have a representation of a successful career woman, but there was a subtle undercurrent of something being missing in her life without a husband and children. My favorite piece was the short story, Village Christmas, where a young family initially viewed with great suspicion transforms the lives of two elderly sisters and ultimately the entire [...]

    16. My mother once told me that she reads these stories before Christmas so while I was visiting her one December we went to the library to check out the book. It was not in the library so when I went back home I found a used copy on the internet and sent it to her so she could have her own copy. I now read these stories each Christmas also.

    17. I haven't read any of the 'Miss Read' books for ages but as I was looking for Christmassy books this seemed like a good choice.These three stories centered around Christmas were all different but all a nice cosy read for this time of year. Maybe I need to look for more 'Miss Read' books for next year.

    18. LovelyI really enjoyed this book. It was sweet and gentle to read about old fashioned, warm Christmases, where people helped to make things pleasant and bright . Just what I wanted to read at this time of year. It's the kind of book you want to read to find out about the characters, but you don't want the stories to end. Lovely.

    19. This is a collection of short stories and novella perfect for Christmas reading. The stories all take place in Fairacre and feature some of the familiar faces of the down land village. Miss Read is not the narrator in any of the stories, but that is alright. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, like I enjoy all Miss Read books in the Fairacre series!

    20. A charming step back in time to a gentle, serene life. This book has a depth that you would not expect. The characters become friends by the time you have finished. A escape from the tensions and challenges of life today.

    21. Two novelettes in one package, with the unifying theme being stories set at Christmas time (hence the reason for acquiring it). Both stories were mild-mannered without much to them, other than some character development and growth for the respective protagonists.

    22. Read this hoping for a cozy antidote to some heavier reading I was doing. It is cozy, but not comforting. Strangely empty and unsatisfying to read Christmas stories that don't have anything to do with Christ. A big disappointment.

    23. I read this as my 'Christmas read'. This is a lovely seasonal book. It contains three stories. I especially enjoyed 'The Christmas Mouse' which portrays the season as I would like it to be - uncommercialised, snowy and traditional. A must read with a mug of hot chocolate and a log fire!

    24. Can you read too many well-written Christmas books? Of course not! This is my first discovery of Miss Read's; I think I thought she was a 19th or 18th century writer, one of those "Mrs. Somebody" types full of gothic thunder. But, she is a charming writer, and I am enthralled!

    25. Like all of the Miss Read books, this is sweet and simple. I love thinking about life in the way this author does. The settings are quaint and lovely and the characters charming. Whenever I read a Miss Read book, I feel better about life.

    26. I can think of no better place to spend Christmas than Fairacre!(My only complaint is that none of the stories were about Miss Read or even mentioned her! I am disappointed; she's one of my favourite kindred characters.)

    27. Such a perfect rainy day book. I have read all of the Miss. Read books and it's a wonderful way to revisit her world. If you haven't read her books and want to enjoy a kind and gentle life give these books a try.

    28. I love the Miss Read books- simple and sweet.The language alone is ala Jane Austen. "As frost sparkles on cottage roofs and smoke rises form chimneys, the English Village of Fairacre is the perfect vision of Christmas joy

    29. I read this sweet, gentle book every Christmas season. It is a wonderfully soothing counterpoint to the hectic, frenzied, anxiety producing Christmas celebration in 21st century middle America.

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