Interstate What would you do if you were driving on the highway with your two daughters and those in the vehicle next to you started shooting at your car And you noticed one of your daughters had been hit Inter

  • Title: Interstate
  • Author: Stephen Dixon
  • ISBN: 9780805050288
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • What would you do if you were driving on the highway with your two daughters, and those in the vehicle next to you started shooting at your car And you noticed one of your daughters had been hit Interstate is a multifaceted vision of American violence, and an ode to the truth that the greatest love one has is for his or her child.

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    1. Stephen Dixon

      Stephen Dixon is the author of fifteen novels and fourteen short story collections and has published hundreds of stories in an incredible list of literary journals Dixon has been nominated for the National Book Award twice, in 1991 for Frog and in 1995 for Interstate and his writing has also earned him a Guggenheim Fellowship, the American Academy Institute of Arts and Letters Prize for Fiction, the O Henry Award, and the Pushcart Prize.

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    1. It would be easy to assume that Interstate comes across as a kind of MFA writing exercise: in eight different sections, tell and retell the horrific story of a shooting on an interstate, in which a father and his older daughter watch his younger daughter die. But this is not some postmodern version of the film Groundhog Day, nor does it come across as a novel built more on style and flash than substance and heart. Dixon has serious themes he is exploring, and the novel's structure is in service [...]

    2. I am in awe of anyone who can finish this novel. The idea is fairly simple, it’s an examination of a random act of violence in which this guy is driving along with his two daughters in the back and gets into a beef with a van, they overtake each other, the van slows down when he slows down, it’s the kind of situation in Spielberg’s Duel movie, and the passenger in the van produces a gun and shoots bullets into the car, and the youngest daughter dies. There are eight chapters in this novel [...]

    3. Stephen Dixon (Nueva York, 1936) a lo largo de las casi quinientas páginas de Interestatal (finalista en 1996 de los National Book Awards, que ganó Philip Roth con El teatro de Sabbath y en castellano por vez primera en la edición de Eterna Cadencia y traducción Ariel Dilon) ofrece los devaneos de Nat, quien mientras va en coche con sus dos hijas, ve cómo su hija pequeña Julie muere al recibir un balazo desde otro coche.¿Cuántas veces nos gustaría dar marcha atrás?.¿Cuánto des [...]

    4. Perhaps his most famous book, Interstate—which was nominated for the National Book Award in 1995—is basically a 400-page set of block paragraphs concerning one simple act played out dozens and dozens of ways. The book opens with the protagonist driving down a state highway with his two kids in the backseat. A van pulls up beside them and keeps pace beside his car. The person in the van signals to the father to roll down his window, and when he does the passenger pulls out a gun and aims it a [...]

    5. (nb: I received a review copy of this title from the publisher via NetGalley)Stephen Dixon’s “Interstate” takes eight different passes at the same story, and each of them is remarkable in its own vision.Imagine you’re a father, driving home with your two young daughters after a long weekend in New York City. Somewhere on a desolate stretch of Interstate, a car pulls alongside you, and the passenger and driver seem intent on scaring you. They force you over to the rightmost lane. The pass [...]

    6. This is a truly unique novel but is so emotionally fraught, so dark and terrifying, so painful to read that it is hard to rate it and harder to recommend it. As a father myself, I found the initial chapters almost unbearably frightening and sad--I really wasn't sure I could finish it. The basis of the novel is the completely arbitrary and random shooting of a four year old girl while driving with her father on the interstate. The book is really about the father: his helplessness, his grief, his [...]

    7. Opinión neutra. Tras leer la trama me imagine otra cosa, y resulto un poco decepcionante. Además de largo, considerando que siempre era mas o menos lo mismo. Sin duda, un lector que sea padre entendería y asimilaria mejor el contenido.Describo basicamente el libro citando al autor:"Me he repetido repetidamente", pagina 334.

    8. Truth be told, I didn’t finish this book, and I won’t. But the first chapter ( the chapters stand alone, in their way) is a near perfect story full of tragedy, melancholy, and heart. After that, the other chapters carry too much deadweight of stiff dialogue and odd diversion to carry over the dread of already knowing what has to happen.

    9. Alucinante. La forma de contar que tiene Dixon, que va mucho más allá de un ejercicio literario. Un relato por momentos hermético, claustrofóbico, angustiante, tan bellamente escrito que hace que el lector se vuelva participe de la historia acompañando al personaje en el correr de las páginas.

    10. 8 ways of looking at a trip along the interstate with a father and two daughters. 8 ways of looking at how imagination's own place can make a heaven or a hell. 8 ways of showing how to love your daughter while she's alive or while she's dead. 8 ways how violence permeates our culture and therefore our imaginations and realities.I don't know why I decided to read this book while my wife was heading out on a cross-country driving trip. I think it was to exorcise demons - I will not let the gun cra [...]

    11. This book’s premise was promising. It immediately caught my attention because it sounded like completely like something I’d love to read. It is about an accident on the interstate told over and over from different points and perspectives; one of the kind of books that is full of details and nuances. Unfortunately, it did not deliver on its promise.The main issue I found was its length. It really is too long. It is too “wordy”. I understand that most of it is stream-of-thought, but it cou [...]

    12. Zero Stars.So bad I couldn't finish. It's written in a stream of consciousness style with no chapters. Bad writing, bad execution of an ok concept.

    13. I read this one a few years after it came out and recall it being a dark book. It was the style in which it was written that made it so intriguing.

    14. To give a fifth star or not to give a fifth star? Need to mull it over more. I've never read anyone like Dixon, though, I can definitely say that.

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